NAWBO :: Corporate Partner: UPS

Corporate Partner: UPS




Hear from NAWBO member Mercedes LaPorta, president of Mercedes Electric Inc., on how UPS added 20% to her bottom line.


“I’ve learned about the different facets of UPS and how they can change, and did change, the way I operate my business.”

Products and Services

Whether you are seeking to streamline your global supply chain, or just squeeze a little more time out of your action-packed day, UPS  is here to help, with real business solutions that go way beyond shipping. 

• Find the right solutions, fast. Learn more about Business Solutions.


• A greener way to ship. Offset the climate impact of your shipments for as little as five cents. Learn more.


Member-Only Benefits

  • NEW UPS Ground discounts! Enroll today to save up to 12%.

  • Take advantage of a 70% discount on your heavy shipments with UPS Freight.

  • Save up to 26% on UPS express services.


Whether it’s overnight letters across the country, LTL freight shipments or international shipping around the world, you’ll start saving with the first shipment. After that, the more you ship, the more you save.


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