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NAWBO® Member Profile*


Business Size:  Businesses owned by NAWBO® members are larger than the average women-owned businesses in terms of number of employees. Sixty-eight percent have employees; of which 17 percent have 10 or more employees. 

Revenue:  Twenty-five percent of NAWBO® members make more than $1 million in annual sales; and 34 percent make more than $500K.

Years in Business:  NAWBO® members have owned their business for an average of 10 years.

Age:  Seventy five percent of NAWBO® members are over the age of 45; and 25 percent are in the 35-44 age group. 

Access to Capital:  As with the general women-owned firms, many NAWBO® members access capital through credit cards and personal family savings.  Fifty-eight percent use credit cards and 37 percent utilize private and family savings to fund their business. 

Industry:  Thirty-five percent, the highest number, of NAWBO® members belong in the Professional, scientific and technical services sector. 

Education:  Generally, NAWBO® members are very well educated with 39 percent with post-graduate degrees.


*Results from the 2011 NAWBO Member Demographics Survey