Jennifer Martin, NAWBO Institute Certification Manager | NAWBO
2022 to 2023
National Team


It’s my honor to be able to work alongside NAWBO leadership in helping women business owners become certified. Every single woman business owner who applies for WBE and/or MWBE certification through the NAWBO Institute is given careful consideration and is celebrated. The certification team believes certification, for women by women, is the pathway to helping every woman business owner achieve her dreams. Each applicant is helping to create a movement larger than herself as we are better together.




Having an attitude of gratitude takes zero talent and makes all the difference. This is the lesson I’m constantly teaching and modeling for my daughter and her close group of friends. A warm smile is universally welcoming to all and brings people together. A smile is a simple gesture with remarkable results. When I smile, it reminds my face that I cannot always control the outcome, but I can control my efforts.



A constant in my life has been the power of belonging to a circle of women. In my youth, I discovered the value of all-girl team sports. In my professional life, I’ve worked in female-dominant spaces like elementary education, nursing and women’s entrepreneurship. As a girl mom, I stay mindful of modeling the powerful dynamic of an all-female team and am very proud of the group of girls that I mentor weekly in leadership and sports. I often have a house full of other people’s kids and dogs. And I love it. Building community is my “why” and my “how” in fulfilling my life’s purpose.