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Joy Lutes, NAWBO National Vice President of External Affairs

National Team
Vice President of External Affairs


“From a very young age, I had an enthusiasm for government and the study of how government works or in some cases does not work. I often describe politics and policy as my first love and, as everyone knows, those first loves and first experiences are intense and usually stay with you.

I love sharing this passion with others and working to educate individuals on how to engage in the public arena to create a better government, whatever their definition of that may be. My role at NAWBO allows me to do just that. I work to identify legislative and regulatory reforms that will advance NAWBO’s public policy agenda and create a better business environment for women business owners and entrepreneurs. I truly value the opportunity to work with the Board and our members to help empower them to make a difference on the issues that directly impact women business owners and their ability to succeed and grow.”


“I think we all know it is important to try to properly balance work and life, but in reality, it can be difficult given all the demands on our time. Every night I attempt to prioritize the next day’s action items and then I proceed the next day by doing the things I least enjoy or do not look forward to first. That not only ensures they get done, but it also eliminates guilt or other residual feelings that can fester during the day when you know this thing you don’t want to do still remains to be done.

In addition, there is a great connection between our physical health and our mental clarity. I attempt to work working out into my daily routine. Oftentimes, it is hard to find the time, but when I do, I feel better. Also, I believe I do some of my best ‘thinking’ when I let the repetition of working out clear my head. I would recommend it to others as a way to find more balance and live healthier.”


“I have tried to focus on supporting projects and organizations that help individuals both in the U.S. and overseas. For several years, I have supported projects that help educate and provide basic needs for a young man in Zimbabwe and a young girl in Dominica. Following each of them through an exchange of letters as they grow up and excel has been such a reward.

On a more local level, my mother and I recently formed a 501(c)(3) charity aimed at helping people in our home communities in Ohio and West Virginia. Our latest effort was to organize a food drive that went straight to a local food pantry.”

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