Lori Lemmon, Director of Events & Special Programs | NAWBO
2019 to 2022
National Team
NAWBO National Director of Events & Special Programs



I couldn’t be more excited to be on the NAWBO HQ team and work on national events and special programs to support our women business owners. I got to know NAWBO and its members over many years at UPS, as I managed our NAWBO sponsorship. What I saw over that time was a group of dynamic and unstoppable women business owners supported by a NAWBO staff of committed servant leaders and I knew I wanted to be a part of that when I retired from UPS. I’m passionate about supporting such a tremendous and growing organization and segment of business owners.


My family means everything to me. While I am grateful for my 26-year career at UPS, my most important and rewarding role is of a wife and mom. While work-life balance is often stressful and never easy, my family and I make it a priority to make memories through travel and adventures together. My daughter and I began taking “girls’ trips” years ago and we have many wonderful trips to look back on now—including my bringing her to NAWBO’s WBC2018 Conference so she could see what entrepreneurship is all about—and I believe our travels helped us to be closer and her to grow into the well-rounded and independent young woman she is today.


Over the years, as I connected with women in business, I became passionate about the importance of guiding our next generation to be successful, in particular the need to expose our girls to leadership training and entrepreneurship to broaden their skills and build their confidence. As a result, I began volunteering on the Mentoring Day Committee for Go for the Greens, a foundation that promotes business growth, sustainability practices and the value of golf in business. The group holds a girls’ mentoring day as part of their annual conference. We plan programming for the girls to learn about everything from career opportunities and internships to interviewing tips, the importance of community service and even golf!