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NAWBO Public Policy Talking Points: October 2015

Please see below a public policy update along with links to places to find even more details on the issues and influencers impacting public policy this month. We encourage you to share these talking points with your members and use them to facilitate public policy updates and conversations at your meetings and events.

  1. October Is National Women’s Small Business Month – Please join us this month in celebrating the contribution that women small business owners make to our nation’s economy! Please click here to learn more.

    Opportunity for Action – Please email Joy Lutes at if you would like to create chapter-specific content for National Women’s Small Business Month.

  2. October Is Also National Cyber Security Awareness Month – Small businesses are especially vulnerable to cyber security attacks, but the advice of experts for all business owners is the same—be prepared for when, not if, your business experiences a cyber attack.

Opportunity for Action – Please click here to learn more about steps you can take now to be prepared.

  1. NAWBO National Chair Talks Survey on Small Talk – In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, please check out this great interview with Crystal Arredondo, NAWBO National Board Chair, on the 3rd annual NAWBO/ small business survey.

    Opportunity for Action – If you would like to engage with the media or your elected officials on the next NAWBO survey, please e-mail Joy Lutes at

  2. How Would the Proposed Overtime Change Impact You? – NAWBO submitted comments expressing our concerns over the proposed changes to the overtime rules. Under existing regulations, a worker qualifies for overtime pay if his or her wages for 40 hours of work per week fall below a $23,660 threshold. The proposed rule would nearly double that threshold, making employees earning up to $50,440 eligible for overtime pay if the regulation takes effect as scheduled in 2016. We are concerned that making more employees eligible for overtime pay will not guarantee more income, but instead will punitively impact businesses while dramatically limiting employment opportunities and curbing hiring. The reality is that many small and medium-sized businesses will find it difficult to absorb higher labor costs. This proposed rule will lead to the reclassification of many employees, who will, in turn, experience a number of negative consequences, including losing benefits, flexibility, status, hours and opportunities for advancement.

    Opportunity for Action – Now, we would like to hear from you. If you have information on how this proposed rule would impact your business, please e-mail Joy Lutes at

  1. NAWBO 2015 Public Policy Positions – Don’t forget to look at the 2015 NAWBO public policy positions on our newly redesigned website.

    Opportunity for Action – Click here to view more.

  2. National Women’s History Museum Update – As you may recall, last year, NAWBO worked toward the passage of federal legislation to establish a commission to study the placement of a Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C. We are pleased to report that the commission has been assembled and that group is now working diligently to create a framework for the tasks they are required to undertake and make recommendations within an 18-month timeframe with a Report of Recommendations to the Congress. We will continue to keep you informed of their progress.