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Greetings! Letter from our 2017 NAWBO Atlanta President, Lissa Versteegh


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  • Binta Kindle 
    (1904- Bank of Italy) (1998 Bank of America) 

    Q: What makes NAWBO Atlanta important to you?

    A: When it comes to banking and finance, women face particular hurdles.  These hurdles range from discriminatory regulations to gender bias.  I’m focused on doing a better job of encouraging women’s potential by thinking creatively and developing partnerships with other business women.


  • Lissa Versteegh 
    Sandler Training/Georgia Sales Development, Inc.

    Why I love NAWBO Atlanta - "Support of other women going through the same thing I am. A fantastic opportunity to tap the collective wisdom and experience of our NAWBO Atlanta CEO Roundtable group!

  • Grace Multani, CFP®, Financial Advisor

    "Why I love NAWBO

    I have been a member for more than five years. I love NAWBO because when I am at a NAWBO event, I am surrounded by women who are changing the lives of their families & their communities through their passion for the businesses they have started. It takes courage to be an entrepreneur and it can be isolating. NAWBO provides me a place to just be myself… a woman trying to build a business one client at a time... sharing my triumphs and challenges and learning from other’s stories in a supportive environment.  As a bonus, I also get to hear from industry leaders on various aspects of business development who otherwise I would never meet or have to pay a lot to go get their help.


    Loving NAWBO for all it has brought to my life and my business.


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