Lunch & Learn - Atlanta Chapter | NAWBO

Lunch & Learn - Atlanta Chapter

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 11:30am1:30pm
The Georgian Club
100 Galleria Pkwy
17th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30339
United States

"Questioning All Assumptions"

Featuring: Stacey Ruth; Author of Truth & Dare: Inside Out Marketing


When your marketing plan is following all the rules, but the results are lackluster, it’s tempting to try to doing more of the same, only with greater intensity, or to blame the “rules”, the marketplace, the competition, or worse, your own marketing efforts. Instead, look into the heart of your organization. Beneath the tactics; past all the strategies; even deeper than the organization’s goals and objectives, your brand has several very fundamental assumptions – often unconsciously made by the founders, and always unspoken by the employees. These assumptions, if not in alignment with your brand’s promise, will undermine your marketing every time. Find out what your assumptions are, which ones are holding you back, and watch your marketing take off.




1.  Discover the difference between your organization’s true, unique Purpose, versus key differentiators and basic strengths – then how to leverage all three correctly.

2. Perform a rudimentary 5-Phase Marketing Assumption Audit – which can be applied within the organization. Assumptions that are serving the organization can be cultivated, while others can be eliminated.

3.  Learn how an organization’s Primary, Secondary and Disruptive ideas can either limit or unleash marketing success, and how to discover recognize and adjust for each.