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Binta Kindle

Binta Kindle 
(1904- Bank of Italy) (1998 Bank of America) 

Q: What makes NAWBO Atlanta important to you?

A: When it comes to banking and finance, women face particular hurdles.  These hurdles range from discriminatory regulations to gender bias.  I’m focused on doing a better job of encouraging women’s potential by thinking creatively and developing partnerships with other business women.


Q: What is your background prior to owning your current business?

A: Commercial lender with over 13 years of business experience.  I’m a currently a Commercial Banking Relationship Manager.  In my role, I work hands-on with my business clients to understand their needs and deliver a comprehensive range of financial solutions.


Q: What do you consider are your most valuable skills you can offer someone?

A: Business Financial Analysis, commercial real estate analysis (lease v. buy), commercial credit. 


Q: What do you want us to know that is special about you (personally or professionally, your business or both (here you may give us accolades, awards, interesting tidbits that make you unique, thoughts/philosophies, etc…)?

A: I am a mother to a 3 year old and the wife to my high school “sweetheart”.  Like most working moms, I’m constantly searching to find balance. My family is the most rewarding part of my life.  I am an Atlanta native which seems to be very unique these days! 


Professionally, I was honored to be in MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Leadership Class of 2016. In my role, I:


Participated in volunteer activities to impact the lives of people living with MS
Increased awareness of the challenges faced by people with MS
Refined leadership skills


Q: What have you learned from being a WOB and what words of wisdom can you offer?

A: I’m not a WOB, but I’m married to an entrepreneur.  I assist with bookkeeping, marketing and sales.  In the new role, I’ve learned the importance of patience.  Similar to my role in banking, I’ve learned entrepreneurship often requires a lot of “no” before you get to the “yes”.  Never give up!





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