Meet Katie Green | NAWBO

Meet Katie Green

Clear Advisory, Founded in 2001


Katie specializes in financial planning, specifically employer sponsored retirement plans.

Q: What makes NAWBO Atlanta important to you?

A: Our organization has a lot of young female professionals that we are helping grow in their careers.  NAWBO is a great organization for me to learn more from strong female entrepreneurs and business executives about how to best support and cultivate our employees as they grow.

Q: What is your background prior to owning your current business?

A: I joined the retirement plan industry back in 2008, quite the tumultuous year to go into anything investment related. I never imagined that taking that job would lead me to find my career passion, which is helping companies really impact their employees’ financial stability and company culture through a well-managed corporate retirement plan benefit. Before joining Clearview Advisory, I built out a sales and marketing division for a retirement plan administration firm for five years. 

Q: What are your biggest challenges in owning your own business?

A:  We are a company with employees stretching over 3 different workforce generations. As I am in a leadership role, it’s important to me that we cultivate and support all those employees in their career growth and personal growth. We as an organization have to be mindful of all their different needs and constantly grow in our management education to best support.  I feel this is a dynamic challenge that we will constantly be evaluating.

Q: What do you consider are your most valuable skills you can offer someone?

A: Over my career, I have found I am skilled at problem solving and building meaningful relationships.  When an issue arises, I enjoy being able to calmly step back and build the right supportive team that can create the best solution.  Challenges can cause friction and anxiety.  I like to turn them into opportunities to team build and be forward thinking.  I have found that working through challenges and problem solving as a supportive team builds trust and meaningful long-term relationships.


Q: What do you want us to know that is special about you (personally or professionally, your business or both (here you may give us accolades, awards, interesting tidbits that make you unique, thoughts/philosophies, etc…)?

A: I am a constant optimist, always looking for the silver lining and viewing the “glass half full.”  I am a firm believer in putting “good karma” out into the world by building up and supporting those around you. I am the crazy boxer dog mom, and I have rescued two over the years that have been my fur kids.


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