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January-December 2021 Editorial Calendar

January 2021
THEME: Fresh StartsPossible Topics: Resetting mentally and physically, planning a fresh business start, how your morning routine can set the tone for a great day, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, January 6
Publication date: Wednesday, January 20

February 2021
Think Inclusive
Possible Topics: Making your business more inclusive, interviews with WBOs who have experienced the rewards of inclusivity, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 3
Publication date: Wednesday, February 17

March 2021
People Matters
Possible Topics: Talent as a driver in your ability to reach the next level, including recruiting, hiring, managing, mentoring, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 3
Publication date: Wednesday, March 17

April 2021
THEME: Minding the Rules
Possible Topics: Compliance with taxes and regulations, attorney Q&A, business etiquette rules that should never be broken, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 7
Publication date: Wednesday, April 21

May 2021
Lead the Way
Possible Topics: Hallmarks of today’s most effective leaders, servant leader feature, roundtable with NAWBO chapter leaders, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 5
Publication date: Wednesday, May 19

June 2021
Possible Topics: Understanding and influencing legislation, Advocacy Days coverage, spotlight on member who regularly engages with legislators, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 2
Publication date: Wednesday, June 16

July 2021
Quality vs. Quantity
Possible Topics: Scaling your business right, strategies to consider, retaining people/maintaining quality as you grow, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, July 7
Publication date: Wednesday, July 21

August 2021
Caring For YOU
Possible Topics: Why good emotional health makes you a better entrepreneur, self-care strategies, Q&A with WBO in personal/health care, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 4
Publication date: Wednesday, August 18

September 2021
Communication Is Everything
Possible Topics: Tips for best communicating with employees, customers and prospects, determining the tools that are right for you, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 1
Publication date: Wednesday, September 15

October 2021
Technology TakeawaysPossible Topics: Cyber Security Month tips, technology lessons from shifting to a remote environment that made your business better, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 6
Publication date: Wednesday, October 20

November 2021
Power Your Dream
Possible Topics: WBC2021 recap, including session coverage and takeaways, videos, attendee interviews, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 3
Publication date: Wednesday, November 17

December 2021
THEME: Year in Review

Possible Topics: Milestone moments, WBO reflections and resolutions, what’s next for NAWBO and our members, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, December 1
Publication date: Wednesday, December 15