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  • Operational Systems August 2, 2010

    The only people I’ve ever met who started a business because they have a love of operations are business consultants who specialize in just that. Most of our members started their businesses because they have a passion for their product, want to set their work schedules or desire to make an impact on the world around them. Operations, like human resources and accounting, is just one of the many hats small business owners wear as they grow their organizations.

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  • An Eye Toward the Future June 30, 2010

    Life is busy; especially for women business owners.

    While women leaders juggle the ups and downs of business and life, the day-to-day challenges are often consuming. That’s especially true during this time in our economic history when leaders are rolling up their sleeves to help teams who are doing more with less…for less.

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  • NAWBO’s Silver Lining June 11, 2010

    Behind every cloud, there is a silver lining. Really.

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  • The Power of One June 4, 2010

    One of my favorite quotations is, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The power of the first step, when all possibility lies before you, speaks to the many women entrepreneurs that belong to NAWBO—women who have chosen to take that step in their professional lives. When our conference committee chose the theme for this year’s WBC, it was just one of the many reasons why we chose The Power of One, but as we’ve geared up in the last few weeks, it’s become clear how true this power really is.

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  • NAWBO Poised to Effect Positive Change and Growth May 14, 2010

    It has been said many times that a company is either growing, or it’s dying—there’s nothing in between. When the market is soaring, growth comes externally, in the form of sales and revenue. When the economy takes a hit, a company’s emphasis is instead, on besting internal operations, furthering quality processes for greater efficiency and refining strategy to gaining market share rapidly when the turnaround occurs.

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  • NAWBO Hits the Hill May 7, 2010

    Guest blog from Kelly Scanlon, 2009-2010 Public Policy Chair

    In April, members of NAWBO’s Public Policy and Executive committees descended on Capitol Hill for a series of meetings with legislators, White House executives and SBA officials. The meetings were designed (1) to open a dialog between policymakers and NAWBO that would give NAWBO an opportunity to share the concerns of women business owners and (2) to learn firsthand about the current legislation and proposals coming out of Washington intended to address the economic challenges small businesses are facing.

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  • Why did you join NAWBO? April 30, 2010

    To be inspired by a powerful network of other women entrepreneurs?
    To learn from industry experts on how to build your business?
    To leave a legacy for future generations of women business owners?
    To make an impact and power women business owners into greater spheres of power?
    To gain insight into international forums with information from women leading the charge around the globe?

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  • How Federal Stimulus Dollars are Impacting the Green Initiative April 29, 2010

    Since last year, businesses in every sector have been looking for ways to build their businesses by accessing federal stimulus dollars. A large part of the stimulus package went to businesses that are developing new types of clean energy. Still, there are significant opportunities for businesses who want to sell their green products to the government.

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  • Green Really Can Mean “Green” for Business Owners April 26, 2010

    Recognizing our impact as individuals is critical. But as business owners, we have even more purchasing power and potential profitability in the push to “go green.” Consider a recent study by Miller-Zell. The study shows that 1/2 of all shoppers indicate a willingness to pay a premium for green products. Plus, 79 percent of shoppers are more likely to pay a premium at for green groceries. Boomers tend to be less likely to spend on green products than Gen Y shoppers, 62 percent of whom are more willing to pay for green items.

    —Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO

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  • Why Sustainability Matters Here Most April 14, 2010

    According to Co-Op America, industrialized nations represent just 20 percent of the world’s population, but do the bulk of the damage to the environment, particularly because much of the production and development occur in these countries. The average American buys 53 times as many products as someone in China. This makes one American’s consumption of resources equivalent to 35 Indians and 13 Brazilians. Obviously, we need to not only take a look at what we produce and how we’re producing it, but how much we consume and the resources used to make that happen.

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