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  • Building a Sustainable Small Business March 31, 2010

    Going green is more popular than ever. Whether it’s gaining access to stimulus money, attracting more customers, an acute focus on the needs of our environment—or a combination of all three—NAWBO members, women and businesses around the world are considering the source of their projects more than ever before. This month, as we gear up for Earth Day Celebrations, we’ll look at why sustainability matters, what the impact means for small businesses and how federal stimulus dollars are impacting the green initiative.

    —Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO

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  • Public Policy, Advocacy and Women Business Owners February 26, 2010

    Businesses around the U.S. are ready to move forward, our entrepreneurial spirit ready to take control of the current economy and forge ahead. NAWBO’s women business owners are doing just that. And, as a major portion of the business sector (small, privately owned companies), that has the greatest impact on how our nation responds from a recession. NAWBO members are poised to impact our economy, communities and public policy in the year ahead.

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  • Access to Capital—Still Our Greatest Challenge February 1, 2010

    Access to capital for small business owners is still our greatest challenge, yet there are still emerging ways that women can overcome this obstacle.

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  • Why Women Can Make an Even Greater Impact on Economic Development December 7, 2009

    Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO, explains the status of women in the United States and their overall impact on the economy.

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