COVID-19 Resources for the week of April 13, 2020 | NAWBO
In case you missed the launch of the NAWBO-CA Affinity Program in late March, here is the information. Be sure to take part.
This is an important way that NAWBO-CA can help support business owners in your area: the NAWBO-CA Affinity Program. Each chapter will get a unique link for all approved partners. When someone buys with your unique link your chapter receives 50% of the revenue share that NAWBO-CA negotiates with the partner. Click the link below:
LA Metro Transportation Business Advisory Council Resource List:
(Thank you, Schenae Rourk!)
Federal Reserve Main Street Lending Program
Support for small and medium size businesses:
(Thank you, Schenae Rourk!)
Check EIDL Grant Application Status
Check the status of your EIDL grant/advance application by emailing 
DisasterCustomerService@SBA.govInclude your business name, application number, your name and phone number. They should reply within 2 business days.
(Thank you, Nawbo National’s Elle Patout!)
Greater LA Chamber of Commerce
Resource Landing Page Guide
(Thank you, SoCalGas’ Trisha Muse!)
NAWBO National continues to add to their comprehensive list of resources:
Resource Center — a hub of COVID-19-related business resources. Click here to access it through the NAWBO Institute platform. You will need to access the center via Google Chrome.
NAWBO National Advocacy Efforts that Power Your Voice
Click here to see all of NAWBO’s COVID-19 advocacy updates. 
COVID-19 Investor Fraud Alert
On April 7, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Commissioner Alvarez issued an alert about investment scams related to the coronavirus and COVID-19. Read the alert here
Attorney General Becerra and Commissioner Alvarez encourage anyone who has been the victim or who otherwise has information about an investment scam to immediately file a report through information about other coronavirus-related scams, please see the DBO's COVID-19 Updates at and Attorney General Becerra's alerts regarding fraudulent charities and false advertising

Daily Buisness Webinars
The SBDC is providing daily webinars for the Small Business Community on information as it relates to funding information during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will be discussing the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, Payroll Protection Program, Disaster Bridge Loan, 7a Forgiveness Program, and other funding opportunities for your business.
Information is changing and updating daily and they want to make sure Small Business owners are being provided the most up to date factual information as to what is available for funding.
The webinar will be 30-40 minutes daily with a brief Q&A after.

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