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NAWBO-CA’s Affiliate Partners are comprised of business and nonprofit organizations to help provide resources, connections, information and opportunities to impact the women’s entrepreneurial community and bring added value to our members.

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Know Better World Foundation

Has partnered with NAWBO-CA on

Exclusive for Premier Members! - Entrepreneur Enrichment Series

NAWBO-CA and the Know Better World Foundation are offering a co-branded series of e-courses around coping with the current volatile business world. The series of five topics were chosen based on input from NAWBO members and includes input from your NAWBO sisters.

Quick, practical and designed for you - women business owners!
Each topic includes three 30-minute sessions — an interactive webinar on content and practice activities, an audio session with additional resources and a webinar for feedback and discussion.

Next up is Series 5: Using Your Super Powers — Leading with your strengths, outsourcing your weaknesses - January Dates TBD

If you attended the NAWBO-Propel session on SQUIRCLE, you’ve seen how powerful this new way to think can be for us. Science-based and easy to understand, SQUIRCLE thinking honors the freshness and natural insights from our intuition (CIRCLE) while recognizing the role and importance of our rational minds (SQUARE). This allows us to think beyond the rules and borders of “what’s already been done” to
true innovation and deeper decision-making.

All participants receive a FREE copy of the e-book, SQUIRCLE, now featured on Amazon. You’ll be asked to take the SQUIRCLE test, once you register for any series. Take the free SQUIRCLE test now! Take a few minutes now to share how you approach situations at home and at work. You'll soon learn how YOU can make better decisions, be heard more clearly and reach your full potential. Take it now and get your results back immediately.

About our partner
Know Better World Foundation, an LA-based not-for-profit, is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs as you are the gateway to a better future for all. KBWF helps women overcome the invisible obstacles of our culture, starting with the SQUIRCLE thinking model.

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