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Jill Stollmeyer of East Wellbeing & Tea

Central Coast California

Jill  Stollmeyer

Jill is the owner of East Wellbeing & Tea with her husband Rick Stollmeyer.  Jill’s dream to create a retreat center in San Luis Obispo was realized in September 2015 when she opened East Wellbeing & Tea. Her extensive massage training is well over 500 hundred hours focused mainly on eastern styles of massage, energy and bodywork. Jill has explored her personal meditation practice by taking Primordial Meditation and the Perfect Health Program at the Chopra Center, as well as Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute created by Google.


Jill has always had a love for massage and a deep respect for the body's ability to heal itself with assistance.  "It's an honor to help someone relieve their pain whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. People come to East to find sanctuary. We serve high level professionals and our goal is to share the same tools that my husband and I employ to reduce stress, increase energy and reveal our vibrancy”.  That may come in the form of a massage, an acupuncture treatment, a facial, an ayurvedic treatments or simply tea and skincare products. Most recently, Jill is the producer and host of the podcast Work, Wellbeing & Wisdom which debuts in September 2018.


Jill is a Certified Massage Practitioner and has trained for her 250 Hour program at California Holistic Institute in San Luis Obispo. She is Certified Level 1 Reiki & trained in Reiki with Esalen Massage at Esalen Big Sur.  She is trained in Aromatherapy and Raindrop Technique as well as Reflexology for Detoxification at Santa Barbara Bodyworks Therapy Institute. Her Shiatsu training was completed at Harbin School of Healing Arts. Jill’s Thai Massage was completed with Spirit Winds Thai Massage.  Her Ayurvedic Massage, Four Handed Ayurvedic Massage, Pranic Healing and Shirodhara training was completed at the California College of Ayurveda.