Sustainability is everybody’s concern. One ally you have is NAWBO.”
-Wendy Bensley Jaehn

Sustainability - Wendy Jaehn

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Member Spotlight

  • Christine Hutchison



    A Conversation with NAWBO member Christine Hutchison of Proxfinity about why her tech company went against the tide to innovate, the experiential economy and the state of her kitchen.


    Give us a thumbnail to becoming a co-founder of such a geeky/innovative/futuristic/disruptive tech company in Chicago?

    Some of the best innovations are simple ideas that understand societal trends and think outside the box. We started with an idea to connect people in close proximity with shared interests. And we were going to do it without depending on the use of an app or cellular service – in a time when others were focused on launching apps. To innovate is to go against the current.  

    With 21 years invested in your field, what is one thing NAWBO readers need to know about marketing and brand strategy in 2017?

    The market has moved from content provided marketing to deeply knowing what audiences want. Be deliberate and targeted in your messaging. Millennials and Gen Z expect you to know everything about them and to deliver your message at a time when they are ready to receive it.


  • Mary Lawrence


    A conversation with Mary Lawrence of Richards Graphic Communications, Inc. about the magic of serendipity, her #1 must-attend event of the year (hint: it's Sept. 26!), and why marinating makes all the difference.



    Give us a thumbnail of your journey to serving as president for Richards Graphic Communications?

    My Becoming president was quite unexpected to me. Printing suffered a severe downturn with the advent of the internet. We needed a fresh approach, but we were confident that we had a solid company and that we could not only survive but regenerate once more into a vibrant organization. Today we focus on three main areas: 1) providing security for the data used in our client mailings; 2) following our clients' corporate brand standards; and 3) providing detailed procurement reports using client cost centers. To us, quality printing is just a given. I would encourage others to follow a similar path. Find out what is really driving your clients crazy - and fix that.

  • Meet Wendy Bensley Jaehn



    Meet Wendy Bensley Jaehn,

    NAWBO Chicago’s New Executive Director


    We are proud to announce Wendy Bensley Jaehn as NAWBO Chicago’s new executive director. The appointment marks NAWBO Chicago’s first full-time executive-level position and was inspired by the organization’s growing influence within the greater Chicago business community, which includes more than 300,000 women business owners.


    A native of Rochester, N.Y., Jaehn has lived in Chicago for the past 15 years. “I was impressed with the board members during the interview process,” commented Jaehn.

  • Florence Ann Romano


    A conversation with Florence Ann Romano of Original Six Media about the man who inspired her to chase down dreams, rugby at Soldier Field, and the pick-me-up movie of the century.

    What triggered your career path as a business owner, and are you excited about being part of NAWBO?

    My father ran a third generation family business - Romano Brothers Beverage Company - until he sold it in 2002. I grew up with the dedication, innovation and passion for his business at the forefront of my thoughts and our family. If it had not been for the company selling,

  • Game Changers


    A conversation with Lisa Dieter of Morgan Stanley about her unsung hero, green smoothies, and who she “nerds out” with every chance she gets

    LISA M. DIETER, CFP, Vice President, Wealth Management, Financial Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley
    NAWBO Chicago Member in: 2008-2009, returning in 2015

    What's your background story?

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