38th Annual Celebration of Achievement - Sessions | NAWBO


Read about the invaluable sessions that will be presented at the Celebration of Achievement

Recruiting - Simple Tips YOU Can Use!
Sponsored by MillerCooper & Co, Ltd.

Recruiting and hiring are an essential part of business growth and while it may seem to be a simple task, having a solid
game plan and basic knowledge before taking that first step can go a long way! In this session, tenured recruiters will
discuss useful tips for your hiring process that will help you think more constructively about your position, finding the
right talent, and setting yourself up for more optimal hiring success.


Erica Mack                                                                              Irma Bondi
Senior Recruiting Manager                                            Senior Recruiting Manager
MillerCooper & Co., Ltd.                                                  MillerCooper & Co., Ltd.

Chocolate Hour
Hosted by Vosges

Don't miss the Chocolate Hour hosted by Katrina Markoff of Vosges! Buy your chocolate hour ticket to experience
Vosges Haut-Chocolat's Virtual Chocolate Tasting guided by Founder and CEO, Katrina Markoff.

Please note: All conference attendees may hear Katrina speak, but if you want to participate in the chocolate
tasting, an additional ticket which includes the price of the chocolates and shipping is required. Submit your order
by April 30th to receive the Vosges chocolate in time for the conference.


Katrina Markoff
Founder & CEO

Connect the Dots to Mental Wellness for You, Your Team and Your Loved Ones

Cindy Tschosik "Connects the Dots to Mental Wellness with the Symptoms, Solutions and Soundbites" of mental
health challenges, so attendees can recognize these key indicators in themselves, their teams and their loved
ones to take action to live a life without mental health struggles.

Through the sharing of personal stories and hard-won victories, participants feel a spark of light and hope as
Cindy engages and interacts with the audience to increase the comfort level of having what she calls, "The Backyard

Additionally, attendees will be equipped to implement the knowledge, practices and tools offered to take steps to
achieve and sustain their own daily mental wellness. 


  • Present the "Roadmap to Symptoms, Solutions & Soundbites" of mental health issues
  • Illustrate the Five Phases of incoming mental health challenges
  • Review options for health and treatments
  • Demonstrate on how to "Be the Friend Next Door and Have a Backyard Conversation"
  • Build a "Mental Wellness Toolkit"


Cindy Tschosik
Ghostwriter, Editor & Speaker
SoConnected LLC

Managing Today's Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Generational Workforce While Protecting Your Company Culture

Managing employees has always been one of an employer's greatest challenges. With five generations of employees
in the workforce today, and with the move to remote or a possible hybrid/blended model, this task has grown even
more complicated. Our expert panel will come together to talk about how you can best manage your team whether 
they are working in-person or remotely. Part of the session will focus on how you also create and maintain an ideal
company culture whether your team is in the office, working hybrid or working remotely.

Attendee takeaways will include:

  • Tips for managing a remote workforce
  • Ideas for "connecting" the team members regardless of where they are physically
  • Understanding how this pivot impacts the different generations of employees
  • Ways to identify a potential problem before it arises
  • Thoughts about how to measure employee success in this new environment

Nicole Martin                                                                    Laura Morgan
CEO & Founder                                                                President
HRBoost                                                                              MorganHR, Inc.

It's Not a Question of "IF" But a Question of "WHEN"
One Click and Your Business and Your Reputation Are Ruined...Or, Worse...Gone!

  • Hackers attack every 39 seconds(1) 

Can Your Business Survive?

Join us as Laura Barker (BridgePoint Technologies) and Jamie Moore (Blackpoint Cyber) discuss what you can do
to protect your business. Discussion will highlight cybersecurity threats, costs involved, cyber liability, ACH/Wires
and banking and the layered approach to a security model. Watch as they present a live demo showing how hackers
gain access to your business with a single click. 

Whether you are a solopreneur or you are a multi-million-dollar business, this session will educate attendees on the

  • Simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your business from cyber-attacks
  • Understand the damage that could result if you don't give cybersecurity your attention
  • Identify how to exercise protection for your remote workforce

Laura Barker                                                                               Jamie Moore
Vice President                                                                            Manager of Partner Success
BridgePoint Technologies                                                    Blackpoint Cyber

1. https://eng.umd.edu/news/story/study-hackers-attack-every-39-seconds

Tapping into Your Personal Power for Increased Performance in the Marketplace

Brand clarity starts with understanding "background" - yours and your company's. Our backgrounds and personal
experiences build the basis of our brands. Our visible and invisible diversity is meaningful to our ability to navigate,
receive and succeed in sales, marketing and culture-building. 

This tightly facilitated, high-energy strategy session encourages business owners to create or refine a brand platform.
Learn to open up the way-back machine and find the gems in your diverse background. Then look forward through
your goals, objectives, barriers, strategies, audience, insights, position, promise, support and tone/personality. The
session is high-paced/high energy and comes complete with "take it back to the team" tools. 

Learn to embrace the POWER in your background, and make the marketing process serve you versus conforming to
what comes to you.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn to articulate your own unique background in a way that drives VALUE
  • Become familiar with the 10 assets of a branding platform
  • Determine your path to scalable, repeatable, dependable revenue based on your background and brand


Brooke Foley
Jayne Agency

Navigating Life's Chaotic Moments - Now, More Than Ever

Female entrepreneurs like you and me have been hit hard in the last year. Turbulent and unexpected business conditions,
home-schooling, managing remote employees and trying to hold extended families together has been downright exhausting
for many. The burnout is real, but there are still so many around us who need us. How can we possibly make time for ourselves,
too? The reality and very real danger are that if you don't, you will collapse

Join us for this very topical and enlightening panel discussion where we will discuss the following:

  • Understand why these times are literally "heavier" than before
  • Learn some simple techniques to feel more energized
  • Identify small but impactful changes you can implement to elevate your mindset
  • Hear about other ways to make space for yourself despite the chaos


Victoria Nygren
Chicago North Agency Manager
COUNTRY Financial

Dr. Dominika Hertsberg                                      Antoinette (Toni) Morales                 Karyn Pettigrew
Co-Founder                                                                CEO                                                               CEO & Founder
Balanced Flow                                                          The Mindful Pro                                       Beyond Blind Spots

Speed Networking with a Twist
Sponsored by BMO Harris Bank

NAWBO Chicago is all about bringing like-minded people together! Join us for this networking session where breakout groups
will be determined by themes. You will be able to self-select the table that speaks to you and then connect with other attendees.

Strong relationships are important in driving our businesses, so we hope that you will come network with us. We want to help
attendees meet each other to share their stories and hopefully a laugh or two.

Ask the Experts

This highly interactive session will allow attendees to bring your questions about various topics to experts for answers. We have invited our sponsors and exhibitors to host a table in this session where they will openly discuss their topic of expertise. Bring your questions and "Zoom" from table to table to participate in conversations driven by our attendees. Topics will include marketing, entrepreneurial growth, cybersecurity, hiring, mental health and more!