Katherine Tipper | NAWBO
2020 to 2021
Board of Directors
Hunter Benefits Consulting Group


What do you hope to contribute to NAWBO during your term as a board member? What are your top priorities?  

Finding new ways to engage members and adapt to the times. COVID-19 was a game-changer for meetings and conferences, and I am proud of being a part of a group that responded very positively to this Black Swan event.

Do you work with your spouse or family members? What do you feel are the benefits and challenges of running a family business?

I work with a spouse and another family member, and we try to find ways to create boundaries at home so we aren’t talking about the business all the time. After hours, I’m often thinking about what is bothering me but I need to stop it in its tracks before it cuts into the time I need to refresh at home.

As a family operation, we may be a bit hard on ourselves that we need to always get it right and not seem like we are getting a pass because of family relationships. The benefit is the pride that comes when, as you become successful, you are providing an opportunity for growth to someone you deeply care about.

What was your major in college? Are you working in the same field you expected to enter when you were younger?  

I was a philosophy major from a liberal arts college who would not have taken accounting or business classes for any reason.  So while this looks like a very unlikely outcome, critical thinking skills and the ability to look at issues in different ways seem like very important qualities to have in running a business.  When your business is growing, you have to be thoughtful and creative, so I do find it satisfying running a business.