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  • Find Your Voice February 7, 2018

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  • Why Plan A Isn’t Good Enough Anymore April 6, 2017
    Why Plan A Isn't Good Enough Anymore

    Why Plan A Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

    Keynote Speaker for NAWBO Chicago’s 
    2017 Achievement Luncheon

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  • Do You Know Your Company's Worth Right This Moment? March 1, 2017

    Expert Insight: Do you know your company's worth?If you said “yes,” then you 1) are better prepared to face the future, 2) will reduce the risk of leaving money on the table when you sell your company, 3) have a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and key drivers.

    Knowing your value is akin to tallying up your talents and naming your salary – but on a much larger scale.

    Many business owners put off valuation until they decide to sell the business or address succession planning. Too late says Miller Cooper & Co.’s Daphne McCoy, Tax Principal, and Deborah Adasiak, Senior Manager – Valuations. They say knowing a company’s worth comes into play any time you ask “what if” questions. 

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  • Going Rogue in 2017 January 27, 2017

    Going Rogue

    “This time of year gives us a chance to reinvest, reengage, reignite. It’s a time for us to find the right energy in our businesses and reconfirm who we are and who we want to be.”

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  • The 5 Most Important Questions in 2017 for True Sustainability December 6, 2016

    The 5 Most Important Questions for 2017 for True Sustainability

    With the holidays setting in, let’s talk toys. Which one has sold more than 300 million units, been around for 70 plus years, and trips you when racing down the stairs? Answer: the Slinky. The wiggly, wiry springs netted the equivalent of a $1 billion for inventor Richard James and his wife Betty by end of year two. Today, the Slinky boasts a 20 percent annual growth rate. (A recent infusion of cash from a private equity firm means a growth strategy is underfoot – no pun intended). 

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Personal Growth December 6, 2016

    Like other successful businesswomen, I've always understood the importance of investing in my own company. From modern equipment and fleet vans to a solid 401(k) plan for my employees, I put my hard-earned dollars to work. While we all value every opportunity to help our companies grow, we also need to invest in ourselves.

    You’re Always Your Best Investment

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  • NAWBO was Founded on Advocacy October 31, 2016

    Sue-Nawbo Found on Advocacy

    “Finding our voice as women business owners is the foundation of NAWBO on a national level and here in Chicago. Together, that voice is strong and clear. It’s all of us.”


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  • Why My One Big Secret Will Absolutely Matter to You August 18, 2016

    During the first half of my career, I carried a secret stuffed deep in the bottom of my back pocket. Once in awhile, the lawyer in me would consider the facts as I knew them. No one must know, I’d whisper under my breath. So, as quickly as Luke Skywalker disappeared on the heels of the Jedi Academy’s demise, I would make my secret vanish. 

    Then I joined NAWBO in 2008. And the evolution of me began.


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  • NAWBO Chicago, Let’s Talk Honestly About Confidence April 27, 2016

    When I first spoke with NAWBO Chicago President Michele Katz and Achievement Luncheon Chair Ginna Ryan, I was thrilled to learn that the group has been focused for a year on the topic of confidence. I’ve come to believe, after years of focus on women’s leadership, that confidence is a crucial missing ingredient and a real game-changer for all of us.  Hence The Confidence Code, a book I co-authored with Katty Kay. 


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  • Calling All Women-Owned Businesses in Chicago: We have 24 Days to Win it All! April 6, 2016

    Ladies, we are midseason in the spring membership drive for the National Association of Women Business Owners. This is an actual competition. Just like wrestling has different weight classes, chapters compete by size. As one of the largest chapters, we are up against 10 other big cities. The winner gets recognized at the National Women’s Business Conference in September held in – hold your breath – COLUMBUS, OHIO!

    Michele Katz: Calling All Women-Owned Businesses in Chicago

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