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  • Don't Burn Out, Burn Even Brighter June 28, 2019

    “I’m up to my eyeballs.” “I’m exhausted.” “I feel like I have to do everything myself.” Have you ever uttered these sentiments? Or something similar?

    The life of a woman business owner can be hectic and overwhelming at times, whether you are a solopreneur working out of a home office or the head of a multi-million-dollar operation with several locations. Naturally, there will be times when you feel on the verge of a burn out. The key is to recognize the signs and then take control so you don’t burn out, but instead, burn even brighter.

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  • Farewell from President June 5, 2019

    Dear NAWBO Chicago,

    I want to thank you for one of the best years of my life. Serving as President was one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had, and I am so proud of this group that I led and represented each day.

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  • Listening is Leading: A Conversation with Edie Comminos June 5, 2019

    Ask her how she’s feeling as she takes the reins as NAWBO Chicago’s incoming president, and Edie Comminos gives a warm, honest answer.

    “It seemed soooo far off 18 months ago when I said yes!” she says with a laugh. “Now that it’s actually here, I’m excited and energized and just a little bit scared. Remember, the industry I’m in is all men. The prospect of leading a group of amazing, talented women is a huge challenge and I love that.”

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  • Celebrating the Beauty of Small Business April 30, 2019

    National Small Business Week starts this Sunday, May 5 – making this the perfect time to recognize women entrepreneurs everywhere who are launching bold concepts and creating fresh opportunities for all of us. 

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  • Capital for Growth: Getting to “Yes” in Funding Our Companies April 2, 2019

    Women-owned business startups are rising nationwide. In fact, 40% of all new entrepreneurs in the U.S. are women, and the growth rate for our companies is double the rate of male-owned enterprises.

    Yet it seems we’re somehow doing it all on a shoestring. One study shows that only one  in four female entrepreneurs apply for business loans. And when they do, women ask for thousands less than their male counterparts.

    Why do we struggle without adequate capital – or fall back on high-interest credit cards or our own retirement savings? Here are a few possible answers:

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  • Why NAWBO? Just Ask Our Amazing Members March 5, 2019

    There are literally millions of reasons that NAWBO membership makes a life-changing difference for women business owners. That’s because every member’s story is different – revealing the unique value she finds in belonging.

    Christine Taylor was searching for knowledge and support after she became the new owner of Gurnee Counseling Center two and a half years ago. When she found NAWBO, she knew she’d come to the right place.

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  • A More Diverse Workforce Benefits Everyone. Let's Build It Ourselves. February 5, 2019

    We’re energized by our belief that the future is female, and that the American workforce is growing more racially and culturally diverse all the time. But exactly how much progress have we made?

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  • 5 Ways an Accountability Partner Can Help You Excel in 2019 January 8, 2019

    Welcome to a brand new year! As you look at the calendar and think of all the possibilities ahead, what comes to mind? Do you feel confident in turning your ideas into reality?

    Of all the steps you can take right now to ensure your personal and professional success over the next 12 months, choosing an accountability partner may be the most powerful.

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  • The Magic of Gratitude and Giving Extends Far Beyond the Holidays December 4, 2018

    As we’ve arrived at the holiday season of giving and gratitude, it’s the perfect time to reflect and thank those who have given so much of themselves – their time, talents, advice, collaboration – to support us in our efforts to succeed (or even just survive the week). While at the same time, thinking about those people whom we have been able to help in some way by sharing our own knowledge, resources, connections, etc., as they navigate through their journeys.  

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  • Success Begets Success: The Ongoing Impact of the Women's Business Ownership Act October 9, 2018

    This year, NAWBO members proudly stand united in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Women's Business Ownership Act (H.R. 5050), and in honoring the legacy of those women who ended the history of discriminatory and anticompetitive policies regarding women entrepreneurism.

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