Join us April 5th at 1871 for NAWBO Talks with Carolyn Leonard | NAWBO

Join us April 5th at 1871 for NAWBO Talks with Carolyn Leonard

NAWBO Talks with Carolyn Leonard
Thursday, April 5, 2018 - 10:00am12:00pm
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654
United States

Carolyn Leonard

NAWBO Talks with Carolyn Leonard

Carolyn Leonard remembers the April morning in the late 1970s when her trading pit at Chicago Board Options Exchange was flooded with orders for 3M options. The only woman working on the floor as an independent market maker trading in the 3M pit from opening bell to closing bell that day, Leonard also was one of only three people trading options in 3M stock.

Men who had refused to do business with her faced a choice: End their boycott, or squander an opportunity.

Leonard launched DyMynd to bridge the gap between women with wealth and financial institutions that — like those male traders in the 1970s — are missing million-dollar opportunities.

Leonard didn’t use her “deficits” to greater advantage than on the trading floor. She was naturally attuned to the supercharged atmosphere and unafraid to join the fray. She could tolerate market volatility with the best of them, and act cool as others crumbled.

Today Leonard is tearing down the wall that stands between women and the world of finance. DyMynd, is a financial empowerment social innovation firm helping women to understand their emotional relationship with money. DyMynd’s programs, assessments and workshops are empowering women to own their financial future.

DyMynd’s latest venture, DyMynd Angels, is our response to “what’s next?” Around the world, women yield tremendous economic power but the market women represent, as investors, is vastly untapped. In fact, in 2013, women only represented 19% of all angel investors in the United States. This represents an enormous missed opportunity for female entrepreneurs and this is where DyMynd Angels can be most effective.