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Big Buzz Idea Group

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Big Buzz Idea Group believes a strong community is defined by the local organizations working tirelessly to create a simple by-product: opportunity for greatness to flourish. A robust neighborhood is the foundation for business growth, active families and happy children.

We began in 2004 with a mission to stand behind nonprofit agencies and aim to maximize their impact. Big Buzz Idea Group was founded after witnessing grave wrongdoing by an event planning company to the detriment of a Chicago neighborhood organization. That organization was financially taken advantage of and that was simply unacceptable to us. It was time to stand up and lead by example.

Over the past 12 years, we have raised over $6 million for Chicago-area nonprofits. And we continue to work hard on their behalves with a high standard of ethics and transparency.

Nonprofits face many challenges. They perform magic with few dollars and fewer employees. The hours are long and the payoff can seem distant. Grinding, endless hours keep the dream alive by any means necessary. That is where Big Buzz Idea Group can help breathe new life.

Big Buzz Idea Group offers administrative and operational support so the executive director and the board can focus on the bigger picture. We are experts in providing nonprofits the time and energy to ignite, empower and foster their cause.

We work to inspire and be inspired in our partnerships and projects. Big Buzz Idea Group exists to champion worthy causes and elevate the common good. Let’s leave this place better than we found it.

Call in the reinforcements. Call on Big Buzz Idea Group.