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About %1

  • “NAWBO is a great organization for women entrepreneurs that provides an outlet for women business owners across the country to share their creativity an inspire and support each other in their pursuits.”

    Katrina Markoff

    Founder, CEO and Chocolatier of Vosges Haut Chocolat and Wild Ophelia

  • "I am fortunate to be a woman in America who was given the opportunity to achieve her dream. I want women everywhere to have that same opportunity and am pleased to work with the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development to increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs."

    Sara Blakely

    Spanx founder and head of The Sara Blakely Foundation

  • "...We worked hard to position the emergence of women business owners as a growing segment of the women's movement and to develop the organizational base and structural guidelines for a national association. "

    Susan Hager

    Founding NAWBO National President


Leslie Hassler   PRESIDENT

CEO, Your Biz Rules

Leslie is the the President of our chapter, and assists the Board in developing strong programs, unifying member relationships, and creating outreach programs to showcase the benefits of NAWBO DFW.


Tarsha Polk   Past pRESIDENT

The Marketing Lady™

Tarsha is the Past President of our chapter, supporting the current Board.

Tammy Lamont SECRETARY-Treasurer

InControl Business Svcs


Tammy is the treasurer for the chapter, overseeing budgeting and other financial reporting.


The chapter’s Secretary is responsible for keeping all official meeting minutes, distributing them to the Board, and ensuring board meetings are run in an official manner.



Treta Sellers  DIRECTOR OF ProGrams

Personal Economics Group


The Director of Programs develops meeting programs and coordinates speakers relevant to the chapter’s needs. She also plans and executes chapter socials and the Annual Gala.


Elizabeth Whitteberry DIRECTOR OF membership

Best Path Advisors 

Director of Membership is responsible for all things membership for the chapter. In her role, she provides outreach to existing members, helping them become more involved, as well as answering questions regarding membership. She on-boards new members via orientations, as well as leads recruiting efforts.

Janie Stubblefield


Founder Mobile Counseling of Dallas

The Director of Public Policy educates chapter members on public policy issues, helps members explore business opportunities with governments and corporations, links members to certification resources, and represents the chapter with elected and government officials on issues affecting women business owners.


Sandi Leyva   DIRECTOR OF Marketing

Accountant’s Accelerator

The Director of Marketing plans and executes marketing activities for the chapter relating to event promotion and membership campaigns.

Brenda Meyers  DIRECTOR OF business development

Sterling Tea 

The Director of Business Development creates and manages strategic partnerships with corporate, affinity, affiliate and media sponsors.

 Dr. Cortney Baker DIRECTOR OF mentorship

Dr. Cortney Baker

 The Director of Mentorship manages all aspects of the chapter's mentorship program.

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