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E-Learning Series

  • From Just Using Social Media to Getting Real Results

    Have you been struggling to get real business results from your social media efforts? This webinar is designed to guide you from simply posting on social media to getting real business results from your efforts.

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  • Boost Your Business with Email and Social Media

    Sponsored by Constant Contact

    What do you get when you mix a single mom with a background in radio, comedy, sales, and corporate training? A zest for life and will to succeed! Anna Maria Soriano knows small business very well as a former owner of three. She’s all too familiar with living, breathing, eating, sleeping a business daily to not just succeed, but survive!

    Join Anna Maria Soriano “the voice of Constant Contact” since 2006 as she walks through hints and tips for best results with your email marketing and social media campaigns!

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • Tips to increase your open rate
    • Strategies of sending and analytics
    • The power of connecting your email and social worlds

    This webinar is for individuals that already have a general understanding of eMarketing and ready to take to your business online marketing to the next level.

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