It’s All About the Cash Flow – Finding the Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty | NAWBO


It’s All About the Cash Flow – Finding the Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty

Friday, March 27, 2020 - 10:30am11:30am

During our session, we will 

  • Focus on why cash flow is imperative and ways to get that focus.
  • Discuss the importance of a Mindset Shift NOW.
  • Navigate financial challenges with clarity and confidence.
  • Correlate the economic stimulus to you and/or your business.

As business owners, cash flow is a hot topic at any time, not only during times of uncertainty, however as we deal with the Coronavirus, and its cascading effects, there is even greater importance in focusing on cash flow.  We often see the shift to focusing on cash flow when a tragedy or significant event happens – a death, divorce, business divorce, loss of a large customer. Now, we’ve added a new player, a pandemic.  We’re here to tell you that it is okay if you haven’t focused on it before.  If you are a planner, that’s great too!  But now, at this time, you will come together with other like-minded, intelligent people, just like you, to get grounded, get focused or re-focused, and identify unique ways to manage your cash flow

Presented by Michele Schina of NAWBO-Philadelphia

Michele took everything she learned in her 11-year accounting career to found TMS II, LLC in 2004. This business provides accounting services to the accounting and finance departments of large organizations, including collections, analysis and preparation of financial data for use in published, audited financial statements, internal controls policies and procedures, and budgeting and forecasting models used as a source for presentations to Senior Management and Boards of Directors.  She expanded TMS II, LLC to engage small business owners and entrepreneurs to use their services for an accounting and administrative infrastructure that is vital to the success of these entrepreneurial and owner-managed companies, and ultimately, the owners themselves. TMS II, LLC are year-round accountants, providing businesses with financial tools needed to be successful.

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