2017 Conference Agenda | NAWBO

2017 Conference Agenda


* Subject to change
Attire for the conference is business casual. The Attire for the Monday night Opening Reception is Shades of white. The attire for the Tuesday night closing Gala is business formal or Cocktail attire.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

NAWBO Annual Membership Meeting and Breakfast (Open to All)

8:30 am Breakfast Greenway Ballroom
9:00-9:30 am

Annual Membership Meeting Greenway Ballroom

State of NAWBO presented by Kathy Warnick, NAWBO Board Chair; Jen Brand Ransom, PASC Chair; and Jen Earle, NAWBO CEO

9:30-10:30 am

Creating Leaders for a World of Change: Past Presidents Panel Greenway Ballroom    

We may be the National Association of Women Business Owners, but we also have a global presence.  Hear from past national board presidents who made sure it was a priority for NAWBO to share what we knew with other women business owners around the world and how their travels and interactions have led to the betterment of all women business owners.

Moderated by Gayle Watson
Panelists: Teresa Meares, Terry Neese, and Virginia Littlejohn

10:30-10:45 am Morning Break
10:45-11:45 am

Leadership General Session - “Who Me?” Identifying the Elephant in the Room & the Secrets to Breaking Through Barriers of Communication Greenway Ballroom

Have you ever been part of a winning team?  If so, you probably realize there's a myriad of factors that work together to make it happen - communication, camaraderie, passion and drive to win, to name a few.  The bigger question is, have you ever been part of a team that just can't seem to get it right even though there were talented people involved? Uncover the basic emotions that drive our rational thoughts in moments of fear and greed, affecting our decision making.  In addition, learn leadership techniques on how to communicate effectively and break the mold in situations of high intensity to accomplish your goals.

Presented by Past National Board Chairs - Crystal Arredondo and Teresa Meares


NAWBO Circle & Member Benefits Update

Presented by Lynda Bishop, Molly Gimmel, and Loreen Gilbert 
Greenway Ballroom

12:30-1:30 pm Lunch Greenway Foyer
1:30-3:00 pm

Best Practices Roundtables - Chapter & Business - Greenway Ballroom

Affinity Partner Benefits from FCA and Dell

1:30 & 2:30  UPS Focus Group
3:15-4:15 pm

Leadership Meetings

  • Chapter Governance: Stepping In and Out of the President's Role - Mary Hiland and Suzanne Pease - Mirage  (Presidents/President Elects/Immediate Past Presidents; at least one from each chapter should attend)
  • Membership - Deb Snyder Skyway A
  • Chapter Admin and ED Training/Chapter Microsite Training - Suzanne HarmonyFront of Regency
  • Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship - Mi'Chelle BettnerMinnehaha
  • Communications - Becky Ragan and Margaret BrownBack of Regency
3:15-4:15 pm

Breakout Session: Growing through NAWBOGreenway Ballroom

NAWBO is much more than a place to connect and advocate, it is an ideal place to Grow Your Business!  Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business, a business reaching for the million dollar mark or a multi-million dollar enterprise, NAWBO has a place for you and your business to grow. In this session we will explore important NAWBO resources with both chapter based and national program experts to make sure that no matter where your business is a today, you have a clear path of resources for growing into a bigger, brighter tomorrow!

Moderated by Kelly Scanlon
Panelists: Karen BennettsSandy Clitter, and Sabina Ramsey

5:00-6:00 pm

Happy Hour - Nicollet Promenade

6:00-8:00 pm

Leadership Reception at Windows of Minnesota (invitation only) 
Hosted by Bank of America
*Walking distance from hotel and guides will be provided.


Monday, October 16, 2017

6:30 am

Meditative Yoga with Shannon Nickerson - Yoga Room in Gym

This yoga-based class will improve your balance, strength, and calm your mind and is ideal for anyone.  During our yoga class together we will gently move, bend, and stretch through a series of simple yoga postures, using our breath to move in and out of the poses. The focus is on the breath to help us get grounded and set the tone for the day. Options will be provided so this class is available for brand new students and advanced, Shannon teaches to all levels. You will find balance, strength in your core, and feel centered for your day. We will close the class with a lovely meditation to quiet your mind, absorb your practice, and reset the body. 

8:00-9:00 am

Breakfast Exhibit Hall

First-Time Attendee Meet and Greet, Sponsored by UPS - Skyway A/B

9:00-10:45 am

General Session: The Power of One - keynote by Erin Brockovich

- Nicollet Ballroom

Erin Brockovich is one of those rare individuals whose own true story has become part of our public consciousness. Seen by millions as a symbol of American justice and the importance of fighting for the truth, Brockovich continues to speak out on behalf of those who can’t.

After uncovering a 30-year long history of poisoning the groundwater in Hinkley, CA by PG&E, Brockovich dug in and didn’t give up until she had exposed the truth—and had gotten justice for its victims. She truly is proof that one person can make a difference, and she believes that everyone—in their own way—can do the same.

Sponsored by Bank of America and Deluxe

10:45-11:30 am Networking in Exhibit Hall

11:30am -12:30 pm


Track 1: "NAWBO Success Opportunity" - Get the Most Out of Your Membership: 5 Smart Strategies to Leverage NAWBO and Build Your Business - Greenway ABIJ

NAWBO allows smart, powerful women to collaborate and develop themselves both personally and professionally.  How do you translate that into a significant difference for your business's bottom line?

Presented by Mary Cravets and Margaret Brown

Sponsored by FCA, Joel Schlader

Track 2: "Daring Leadership" - FROM B to Z: LEADING FIVE WORKPLACE GENERATIONS - Greenway CDE

In 2016, Generation Z officially entered the workplace, making it the first time in history that five different generations—all with different experiences, outlooks and expectations—are collaborating together for a company’s success. Whether your business employs one or them all, knowing how to successfully lead everyone from Generation Z to Baby Boomers is a critical element of your success. This breakout session will bring it all together for you—featuring inter-generational experts sharing their best generational leadership lessons and tips and moderated by Monica Smiley of Enterprising Women.

Moderated by Monica Smiley, Enterprising Women
Panelists: Sophie Wade, Susan Inouye, Theresa Proctor

Sponsored by MasterYourCard, Mercedes Eggleton-Garcia

Track 3: "Savvy Solopreneur" - Greenway FGH

You’re doing it all, incredibly busy, so how do you grow? On this track you’ll learn the secrets behind other successful Solo’s successes and strategies for growth with sanity. 

Success Panel: Choose Your Path to Scale and Grow - Learn from other successful solopreneurs who chose to build their businesses in a variety of different ways.

Moderated by Nancy Schuelke, Wells Fargo
Panelists: Ana Fernandez-Parmet, Carrie Summer, Allison Neumann Lundy, and Sydni Craig Hart

Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Track 4: "Small-Medium Business Breakthrough" Sparking a Revolution: How Great Content Shaped a Brand Transformation - Mirage 

Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand and Communications Officer for Deluxe Corporation, created the Small Business Revolution to spotlight the power of small businesses across the country. Working with celebrity entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, Brinkman and experts from the Deluxe marketing team infused $500,000 into the Main Street of one small town to help revitalize that small business community. Captured in an eight part series that airs on www.smallbusinessrevolution.org and HULU, the series highlights the challenges of running any small business and how a boost and some marketing tips can help that community thrive. Brinkman will share key learnings from the series and tips all small business owners can use in helping their business grow and prosper. Come listen to the woman named to Minnesota Business Magazine’s Power 50 and recognized as one of Top Rank’s most influential digital marketers share her insights on effective story-telling.

Presented by Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe

Sponsored by Deluxe

12:45-2:45 pm


Remarks by Minnesota House Representative Ilah Omar

Breaking Barriers Panel Nicollet Ballroom

NAWBO was founded as the first advocacy organization for women business owners.  Each generation of NAWBO members has played an integral role in breaking down existing barriers that they faced.  Learn about what is being done in the public and private sectors to tackle current obstacles to women business owners and how NAWBO can continue to make an impact. 

Moderated by Crystal Arredondo
Panelists: Blair Milo, Secretary of Career Connections & Talent, Indiana; Kristin Haffert, Co-Founder, Project Mine the Gap; Courtenay Siegfried, Alice VP of Communications

Sponsored by Bank of America, Liz Romero

3:00-5:00 pm Happy Hour and Raffle in the Exhibit Hall
5:30 pm Transportation provided to the Opening Reception - Nicollet Promenade
6:00-8:30 pm "Illuminate" Opening Reception at the Mill City Museum


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6:30 am Meditative Yoga with Shannon Nickerson - Yoga Room in Gym
8:00-9:00 am Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
9:00-10:00 am Matching Quote Hunt and Raffles with Marcy Fortnow - Exhibit Hall
10:00-11:00 am


Track 1: "NAWBO Success Opportunity" NAWBO's Role in Public Policy - Let's Talk about Taxes!  - Greenway ABIJ

Get an update from policy experts about tax reform.  Discover how any changes will impact your business regardless of how your business is structured and learn about what you can do through NAWBO to make sure your voice is heard on behalf of your business, your employees, and your fellow women business owners.

Moderated by Teresa Meares
Panelists: Nicole Kaeding, Maggie Moore, and Meredith West

Track 2: "Daring Leadership" Chasing Perfection – Greenway CDE

Are you a leader who struggles with self-doubt or a CEO who sometimes feels like a fraud? If so, you are not alone. CEO and business coach Sue Hawkes shares actionable practices to conquer self-doubt while maximizing your success, sharing excerpts from  her new book, Chasing Perfection- Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success. You'll learn to stop chasing the illusion of perfection and eliminate the barriers to your full leadership potential by discovering how to:  Achieve continuous self-improvement, resulting in increased freedom, internal peace and unshakable excellence.  Challenge your thinking, minimize self-doubt, overcome self-imposed obstacles and maximize yourself and your possibilities. In short, this is a roadmap to ultimately become unstoppable as a leader.  Explore ways to create a certainty of self that is unwavering and uncompromising. Creating that kind of presence within yourself allows you to deal with whatever comes your way, be steadfast in your commitment and unaltered by any circumstances or conditions that may be trying to sway you.  Stop chasing perfection; it’s time to dismantle your fixed mind-set and unlock limitless possibilities for yourself.

Presented by Sue Hawkes, YESS! - Your Extraordinary Success Strategies, Inc.

Sponsored by PNC, Kelly McQueen

Track 3: "Savvy Solopreneur" Strategic Growth: Delegating to a Virtual Team Can Propel Your Success - Greenway FGH

Even the best women entrepreneurs can’t and shouldn’t go it alone. When your company is still just you but quickly growing, managing your time and delegating to others—from marketing and legal to a personal assistant—can make you feel like you have a team behind you and propel your success as you work to reach that next level. Join this exciting panel discussion sponsored and moderated by law firm Frost Brown Todd and featuring Laura Liscursi of boutique virtual assistant firm Elite Virtual Assistants, time strategy visionary Lisa Crilley Mallis and virtual marketing expert Jenn Chernisky of Jennasis and Associates

Moderated by Cathleen Wyatt, Frost Brown Todd
Panelists: Laura Licursi, Lisa Crilley Mallis, Jenn Chernisky

Sponsored by Frost Brown Todd

Track 4: "Small-Medium Business Breakthrough" - Big Growth Opportunities You Never Knew Existed: Learn about the huge opportunities in government contracts and supplier diversity programs from people who have navigated both successfully. - Mirage

Moderated by Jennifer Ping
Panelists: Erin Andrew, Live Oak Bank; Phyllis Hill Slater, NWBOC; Ester Morales, SBA; Molly Gimmel, Design2Delivery

11:00 am-12:00 pm Networking in Exhibit Hall
12:00-2:00 pm


Remarks by Administrator Linda McMahon, U.S. Small Business Administration

"Diversifying Leadership" keynote by Gayle Lemmon
Nicollet Ballroom

From the battlefields of Afghanistan to corporate board rooms of America the need for teams who see the world differently in service to the world's toughest problems has never been more urgent.  In her years of reporting from Afghanistan and in years spent talking with members of the special operations community in the writing of Ashley’s War, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon learned how some of the most seasoned military leaders saw including women as central to solving the problems of access to critical knowledge and life-saving information.  Desperation may have bred the innovation, but leadership and servant leaders who set the tone for the tested fighters they led paved the way for a team of young women to make a difference almost immediately in urgent, time-sensitive and life-and-death situations on the battlefield. In the process, they proved themselves to themselves and to colleagues who had never worked with women previously.

Sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, Autumn Way

2:00-3:00 pm Coffee & Conversation in the Exhibit Hall
3:00-4:00 pm


Track 1: "NAWBO Success Opportunity" International - Exporting Entrepreneurism - Greenway ABIJ

Empowering women to start and grow their own businesses overseas can change their families, their communities and their countries for the better.  Learn how your entrepreneurial experience and expertise can help women in other countries thrive.

Moderated by Griselda Quezada-Chavez
Panelists: Jane Skeeter, Mary Lyn Baker, and Angela DePaoli

Sponsored by UPS, Colleen Dellolio-Coons

Track 2: "Daring Leadership" How to Break the $1 Million Mark - Greenway CDE

Only 3% of America's more than 11 million women business owners have annual revenue that exceeds $1M. That presents a tremendous opportunity for NAWBO and our partners, and the women entrepreneurs we support who are working to reach this milestone. The challenge is this: Women business owners have unique challenges, fewer resources for support, fewer peers and different needs for learning and development. Connect and learn from an exciting panel of women who have overcome these and other challenges to break through the $1 million mark—all moderated by an executive from Bank of America who will share and discuss findings from the recently released second iteration of its Women Business Owner Spotlight as part of this critical discussion.

Moderated by Karen Harrison
Panelists: Darla Beggs, Susan Brooks, Tina Loza, and Lesa Seibert

Sponsored by Bank of America, Karen Harrison

Track 3: "Savvy Solopreneur" How to Market BIG Even When it’s Just You - Greenway FGH

This Facebook for Business workshop will provide businesses with the most up-to-date tools, insights, and best practices for growing your business on Facebook and Instagram. This seminar will show you what’s possible on Facebook to help take your business to the next level.  Areas to be covered during the presentation include:

Tools you can use: Learn about the tools available (Business Pages, Messenger, Instagram and more!) to help you connect with customers, manage your digital presence, and grow your business.

Ads you can create: Whether you want to increase conversions on your website, drive more people into your store, build awareness of your brand, or something else – advertising on Facebook and Instagram can help you achieve your unique business goals. 

Ways to be creative: Behind every business is a story. Learn how to tell yours on Facebook and Instagram with just a phone, creative apps, and great lighting! Every business can create beautiful content and we'll show you how. In this phase of business… it’s complicated. Employees, marketing, legal issues all compete for your attention. In this track you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes and how to tap into the biggest opportunities on the market today.

Presented by Sarah Pagliocco, Facebook

Sponsored by Facebook

Track 4: Track 4: "Small-Medium Business Breakthrough" Success Panel -The Pitfalls and Opportunities of the Small and Medium Business - Mirage

Cyber security threats represent a significant risk for all business owners but among the most vulnerable are small to medium sized businesses.  Learn about the many vulnerabilities your business may be facing and hear from experts in the public and private sectors about what you can do to protect yourself, your business, your customers and your employees.

Moderated by Scott Reid, Gallagher Affinity
Panelists: Jacqueline Conner, Federal Trade Commission; Steve Embry, Frost Brown Todd; and Reggie McKinney, Dept. of Homeland Security

Sponsored by 360 CoveragePros Powered by Gallagher Affinity

5:00-6:00 Cocktail Reception, Photo Ops and Book Signing with Dr. Tererai Trent - Nicollet Promenade
6:00-8:30 pm

Awards Gala & Dinner Nicollet Ballroom

WBO of the Year Finalists - Kimberly Baeth, Kim Heathcott and Dr. Janis Shinkawa

Sponsored by Bank of America, Pam Seagle



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