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Virtual Connect & Learn: 7-Step Sunday Checklist for a More Productive Week

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 8:00pm9:00pm

Each day, we have only 1,440 minutes. Time is a limited resource, and using what time we have efficiently is imperative for achieving our desired results at work, at home, in the community, for society as well as for ourselves. 

Even if you aren’t naturally a planner, it is important to enter a new week with a general game plan so you attack your goals proactively rather than reacting to what’s asked of you or focusing more on what’s a greater priority for others. Likewise, it is important to take time over the weekend to recharge and relax so you have the optimum energy for completing the game plan you’ve created.

Emily has created a foolproof checklist for completing each Sunday in order to have a successful week ahead. Investing a little time each Sunday in preparing for the week ahead will pay off immensely by laying the foundation for a productive week. Together, these steps create a recipe for success! Don’t miss these tactics for consistently winning your weeks:

  • Evaluate which priorities matter most for the week ahead 
  • Translate your highest priorities into the upcoming week’s goals
  • Get a head start on routine tasks where most advantageous
  • Connect with those who matter
  • Prepare your environment to support what actions you’ll need to take
  • Assign a when for each what that must be accomplished

Presented by: Emily Parks, NAWBO Raleigh

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wake Forest University along with a certificate of completion from the Institute for Professional Organizers™, Emily continues her education in the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. Through training and hands-on work, Emily has garnered tips and problem-solving skills, which she enjoys sharing with busy professionals to help them be more productive, increase their efficiency and bring more value to their clients. Emily helps you get the best tools to drive your desired workflow results, including processes, technology, space set-up and more.