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Virtual Connect & Learn: Be Amazing. Be Inspired. Be Motivated. (A.I.M.)

Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 5:00pm6:00pm

A.I.M. for Greatness and Rise to your Potential  

Business development comes down to those who can pivot in an ever-changing workplace.  Is your business focused on versatile, uplifting and adaptable learning tools that result in you becoming more effective and producing phenomenal results?

Agile business development means concurrently pursuing multiple paths and destinations to rise to your potential. You must be willing to shift, turn and adjust as the demand for excellence changes.

Having a willingness to embrace change and getting to know what drives you requires movement.  You must take the first step. Do you need to hit the refresh button on your strategic plan? Have you completed a status check on your 2019 business goals?

There is no direct path to your greatness.  Sometimes we are often so caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey.

Join me for a collaborative workshop on how to appreciate the journey by for greatness.  We will explore ways to be Amazing, Inspired and Motivated.

  • Amazing – how can you help others succeed?
  • Inspired – what encourages you to want to learn more every day? 
  • Motivated – what gets you so excited about your business and talking really fast?

Presented by: Sonja Mustiful, NAWBO Memphis

Sonja is the author of Aim High. Ask WhyDiscover Strengths, Uncover Blind Spots and Rise to your Potential.  She is the owner of Essence of Coaching, a leadership development consulting firm.  As a HR professional, Team Connector and Executive Coach, she helps people and organizations do what they love and love why they do it.



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