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Virtual Connect & Learn: Be Pitch Perfect Any Time

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 8:00pm9:00pm

"Be Pitch Perfect Any Time: How Speaking Up Can Grow Your Business"

Be Pitch Perfect is a motivating presentation designed to improve the quality of how you present yourself. You need to sell your best product, which is you.  You never know who links to whom, so we need to be ready to “pitch” our products and services anytime.  If it can save you time and make you money, it’s worth being ready with your request or message.  You may find riches in the elevator, in the check-out line, or on the side of a soccer field.  Your personal pitch needs to be relevant, timely, and effective. 

Mimi Donaldson will show you how. She is an internationally-acclaimed speaker who coaches others to manage the public speaking butterflies.

She provides an action plan to help you:

  • Use your energy in positive ways to burn off nervousness.
  • Analyze your audience prior to preparing your pitch.
  • Organize your pitch based on your audience's concerns.

The presentation is interactive because the handout invites immediate response from the group.  Each person works on filling in their “formula.”

Presented By: Mimi Donaldson, NAWBO LA

Mimi is a superstar in the speaking business, keynoting with celebrities for audiences of thousands. Her rare combination of sophisticated humor and solid content makes her one of America’s most popular funny females.

Mimi has created speeches for executives, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and sales staffs, including Betsy Myers, former senior official in the Clinton Administration, and then Executive Director at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership at the Kennedy School of Government. Also, Dan Moriarty, national radio personality and sideline commentator for the L.A. Kings.