Virtual Lunch & Learn: “Compassionate Leadership- Getting to the Heart of What Matters" | NAWBO


Virtual Lunch & Learn: “Compassionate Leadership- Getting to the Heart of What Matters"

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 12:00pm1:00pm

Sharing my own transformational story has empowered others to trust themselves, take risks and lean into their creativity. To my surprise, this shift towards self-compassion and outwardly celebrating my authenticity, created a cascade of confidence that translated into a 30% increase in women posting for leadership positions with the company I worked for 20 years. Discovering and embodying this Truth, has provided me a sense of peace and joy. I no longer swing back and forth between the extremes of being a successful leader/business owner and being a compassionate human being. They are truly ONE.


  • Why is Compassionate Leadership so extremely critical to overall success and engagement, yet so hard to find today?
  • “Unbecoming You”:  Discover tools for peeling back the layers of past experiences that no longer serve
  • Mentoring:  Believe in Someone Before they Believe in Themselves. Lift Each Other Up.

Presented by Laura Leaton- NAWBO Kentucky

Laura Leaton has a natural gift for helping individuals discover their inner strengths and using those strengths to achieve personal and professional success. Her passion is enrolling individuals in their vision, to create possibilities so they can take distinct action. With over 25 years of corporate leadership experience, she now owns her own business as an Executive Coach and Transformational Leadership coach and trainer.

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