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FCEM World Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday April 13 


8:30-10:30am    Breakfast and General Session

8:45am               Remarks from Carla Harris, Chair of the National Women’s Business Council on H.R. 5050 and the efforts of the NWBC

9:00-10:00am     Global Parity for Women in Business

As difficult as it may be to imagine, 30 years ago in many places a women could not get a business loan without a man to co-sign for her, and this is still the case in places around the world.  There was an overall lack of understanding about the diversity and complexity of the women business owner community.  This was evident in The State of Small Business Report that mistakenly set forth that most women owned businesses were home based.  Recognizing that these biases and the resulting policies were impeding their ability to grow their businesses, Women Business Owners, including several NAWBO members, began to advocate for a better understanding of the contributions women business owners were making to the economy and for the removal of obstacles, like the male co-signing requirement, for their fellow women entrepreneurs.  Their efforts culminated with the signing of H.R. 5050 by President Ronald Reagan.

Today thanks to H.R. 5050, the U.S. Census includes women-owned C corporations in their reporting data, the National Women’s Business Council conducts important research into the women’s business owner ecosystems that is shared with policy makers, the Women’s Business Center program offers resources including business education to women across the country, and women are no longer required to have a male co-sign for their business loan.  This session will outline what is being done in the U.S. and abroad to further the mission of parity for women in business and the important role women business owners can play in that progress.   

10:00-1:00             CLOSED Presidents Meeting

10:30-12:00           General Session: Propagating and Sustaining Women Entrepreneurs

Hear from staff members at several Country Consulates discuss what is being done by the public and private sectors in their country to attract and support women entrepreneurs and opportunities to do business there.  Possible participants include England, France, Mexico, Cameroon, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

12:00-1:00pm            BREAK

1:00-2:00pm              Lunch - Global Rise of Female Entrepreneurship - Dr. Patricia Greene

Women Entrepreneurship is on the rise and is a fundamental economic force that is changing the world.  Women Business Owners represent the fastest growing sector of the US economy and make up approximately 37% of enterprises globally. Their economic contributions including reinvestment In this session Dr. Patricia Greene will share aggregated data on global women’s entrepreneurship and what we can do to support the success and growth of women owned businesses around the world.

The Role of Women Entrepreneurs  in the MSME Space by Dr. Winslow Sargeant, Senior Vice President of International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

Dr. Winslow Sargeant will share how he and his colleagues at the International Council for Small Business successfully advocated for recognition of a Micro-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day at the United Nations.  In addition Dr. Sargeant will share his insight into the important role women entrepreneurs play globally in the MSME space and lead a discussion on new initiatives to empower MSMEs around the world.

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is a non-profit organization devoted to continuing management education for entrepreneurs and small business. Founded in 1955, the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) was the first international membership organization to promote the growth and development of small businesses worldwide. The organization brings together educators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from around the world to share knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

2:00pm                       AFTERNOON MEETINGS with United Nations Representatives


Saturday April 14 FCEM World Committee and Leadership Development


8:00 – 9:00am          Leading in a Continuous World

  • NAWBO Inter(National) Updates from Global Entrepreneurial Summit in India
  • Opportunity International
  • FCEM Russia

9:00-10:00am        Areva Martin – Make It Rain!: How to Use the Media to Revolutionize Your Organization, Business and Your Brand

10:00-11:00am      Leading from Within:  The Power of Empathetic Management- Sophie Wade

Leadership is in the midst of a major makeover. The identity of an organization is shifting away from the CEO with more emphasis on mission, purpose and culture. Elements of control are being willingly transferred from management to employees to increase engagement and productivity. Greater technology-driven transparency is resulting in a flattening of the corporate hierarchy and more peer-based relationships. Inclusive and adaptable mindsets are prevailing to manage accelerated marketplace changes. Empathetic individualized attention is building more productive, trust-based connections and interactions. The enterprise environment is evolving and in order to succeed within it leaders’ styles are changing too. 

In this session you will learn:

  • Why and how to develop more empathetic leadership and management styles, empowering and engaging your internal and external workforce;
  • Key reasons and steps for articulating and communicating your mission and culture effectively throughout your business ecosystem;

        How to build stronger, reciprocal relationships to motivate and manage increasingly diverse and distributed workers, partners, and vendors.

11:00-12:00 Break

12:00-1:00pm   LUNCH GENERAL SESSION - Leading in a Continuous World

How to lead and make a difference when the world seems to be in constant opposition.    Women can take the opportunity to mediate and find the opportunity to overcome the challenges faced in a changing world. Here from Women Business owners that are leading beyond their borders to do business in other parts of the world and from experts on why this global trade of goods, services and partnership is important

Potential speakers: UPS and WBO’s exporting and importing goods and services

2:00-4:00pm NAWBO Best Practices Round Tables / Business to Business Meetings

6:00-10:00pm Closing AWARDS Gala *cocktail attire