NAWBO-LA Downtown Connects: Unlocking Growth and Innovation | NAWBO

NAWBO-LA Downtown Connects: Unlocking Growth and Innovation

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 5:30pm7:30pm
811 West 7th Street
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
United States

Nikki Barua, CEO of BeyondCurious, an award-winning digital transformation consultancy, will share how cultural shifts and changing expectations, not just the advancement of technology, are transforming the customer experience. In this Connects event, sponsored by Southern California Edison (SCE) you will:

  • Recognize why looking outside your industry is no longer a creative exercise, but a business imperative in the age of Amazon
  • Learn valuable lessons from other industries to ignite change within your own
  • Unlock value by transforming your organization into a truly digital business Generate momentum with a culture of innovation – one that is constantly adapting to a disruptive environment that doesn’t stand still
  • Understand the capabilities, mindset and skillsets needed to adopt this approach, and how to be the change agent that helps your organization successfully unlock growth and innovation.

This Downtown Connects targets business owners, leaders; and those in and out of technology businesses.



Nikki Barua is a change agent with a big mission to unlock people’s potential through ideas, inspiration, and tools for transformation. She is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and advisor who helps business leaders gain clarity of purpose and certainty of outcomes as they lead their organizations through change.

Nikki is the CEO of BeyondCurious, which partners with large companies to unlock innovation and growth. She has been recognized as a top female entrepreneur and has been featured in national media including Fortune and Forbes.

Nikki is the author of Beyond Barriers, where she provides the framework for success, showing readers how to knock down barriers, embrace adversity and unlock potential through clarity, courage, and conviction. By sharing her story and the stories of other successful women, Nikki encourages young women to dream big, take bold actions, and never ever give up.

Nikki is a fierce advocate for diversity as the fuel for innovation. She was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by ACE in 2014, recognized as EY North America Entrepreneurial Winning Woman in 2015, LA Woman of Influence by The Business Journals in 2016 and Women of Entrepreneurship by LA Lakers and Comerica Bank in 2017.