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Barbara Burrell

Owner, Sky's Gourmet Tacos & Marketplace
For over 25 years, Barbara Burrell, NAWBO-LA's 2018 Trailblazer Award Honoree, has dedicated herself to a restaurant known throughout Los Angeles and beyond. Sky's Gourmet is a full service restaurant, caterer and grocery retailer. The company has three locations in the Los Angeles area with its first opening in 1992. As a long time member of the various communities Sky's Gourmet serves, the company takes an active role in local affairs, politics, charities, and mentoring programs. The company has been awarded numerous times by various civic organizations.
Some of the keys to Barbara's success is overcoming fear and doubt:
"I think that everyone has that problem, but for women, it has taken a lot to realize that fear is probably holding us back more than the glass ceiling. When you are an entrepreneur, you learn pretty quickly that almost everything hangs on you, not someone else's opinion or leadership. You will only go as far as you yourself can go - there is no real limit - just a lot of challenges. So don't doubt, don't say why - say why not. I think the other thing you really have to get right is building a real team around you. You have to have a very different set of people from yourself - each with their own skills. And then you have to let go sometimes, stop looking over their shoulder and let them get on with it. Sometimes that can be hard for many people. Finally, of course, a little prayer doesn't hurt."
It's no wonder why we honored Barbara at this year's Leadership & Legacy Awards Gala.
“NAWBO-LA has given me the opportunity to do what I have always done, but now on a wider scale. I will continue my community-based work, mentoring, and being a liaison between the City Council and Mayor's Office and the communities they serve. There is nothing like food to bring people together and while Sky's Gourmet is first and foremost a business, it is also a means to reach different people of all creeds to come together and solve challenges and change the world - one community at a time. I am here to continue networking and finding new ways to bring people and business together.”
Barbara Burrell
Sky's Gourmet Tacos & Marketplace
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