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Kat Janowicz

Kat Janowicz

President, 3COTECH, Inc.

Kat is a leader, strategist and, entrepreneur with over 20 years of international experience in goods movement, transportation, maritime, energy, construction, and O&M sectors. She founded 3COTECH over three years ago to help develop and execute strategies that will ensure our clients and their partners can effectively, efficiently and sustainably move people and goods: on land, at sea, in the air, and soon—in space.

Technology advancements and social equity are accelerating change in the complex 3-way junction between Energy, Transportation, and Global Trade. 3COTECH helps their public and private clients not only understand and navigate this complex landscape, but also to build and maintain strong partnerships across it. They complement organizations’ strategies by assessing life cycle risks and opportunities that are often missed: those related to innovative technology, resilience, and long-term asset sustainability.

"I can bring unique insight to NAWBO members related to our changing and dynamic business environment. I relish offering personal support to other women in business, providing them with strategic business advice and feedback, facilitating introductions, and supporting them in expanding their market reach. I look forward to helping NAWBO-LA members anticipate future consequences —intended and unintended—of their initiatives, particularly related to sustainability, technology, and resilience, all while showing them how to turn risks into opportunities."


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