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EQUAL LEGAL is an online platform for access to free and discounted legal services for women business owners. It operates similarly to Legal Zoom or Legal Shield, but focuses on serving women in business. For a low rate subscription, legal plan members get access to unlimited consultations with experienced business attorneys, document review, business formation packages and a number of other discounted and fixed fee legal services. Unlike other legal plans, we offer a boutique, personal approach with the ability for our plan attorneys to really get to know your business.

How can you help other NAWBO-LA members?

Every business needs legal support at some point, and often more than we realize. Being legally informed about issues you may take for granted, helps you build a solid foundation for your business to grow, safe in the knowledge that a decision won't come back to bite you. With access to unlimited legal consultations with a business attorney for a low, flat rate per month, EQUAL LEGAL can offer NAWBO-LA members a valuable support system to grow their business on a strong, legally based foundation, and an affordable legal solution when things happen.

What has been some keys to your success?

My daily SGI Buddhist practice has been key for unlocking my belief and faith in my unlimited potential as a human being and a woman business owner. I carry on each day, overcoming doubts and limiting beliefs that seek to hold me back in a place of fear, or what I call the 'discomfort zone'. I truly believe that we can achieve whatever we want to as long as we have deep faith in ourselves and take action based on that confidence, and most of all if we Never Give Up! Volunteering for NAWBO-LA has also developed my faith in myself as a woman business owner because I'm surrounded by other women who are doing just that, and I see their successes, their challenges and their perseverance and leadership examples, and this inspires me to a whole new level. I find that I get back so much, volunteering doesn't feel like giving at all! Feeling supported by likeminded women is key to keep on going through moments of doubt and to push through the great unknown!

What's something you would like others to know about you or your business?

EQUAL LEGAL was developed from the heart and soul of seeking to serve the incredible women such as yourselves, who are shaking up the very foundations of society by choosing to be in economic control and set an example for future generations. When women support each other, without jealousy, without strife, we make tremendous progress. EQUAL LEGAL is based on the model that when our clients succeed in business, we succeed, and together we grow. That's why EQUAL LEGAL is here to offer you the real life support you need to succeed for years to come.

Carolyn Burch
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