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Clara Reiss

Clara Reiss

Founding Partner/Executive Director, SCALE 1:1

Clara Reis is the founding partner and executive director at SCALE 1:1. She takes great pride in being a Los Angeles manufacturer offering contemporary and flex furniture solutions to creative offices, coworking spaces, education and tech firms nationwide, Mexico and Canada.

Clara moved to the United States from Brazil in 2000, after graduating in Physical Education to attend an extension program at UCLA. After recognizing the gap between the traditional office environment versus the creative and casual workplace, she formed SCALE 1:1 in 2010 and has been featured on the Los Angeles Business Journal as one the selected group of successful immigrants business owners in Los Angeles.


"NAWBO has always been a very resourceful organization supporting women entrepreneurs not only educating and preparing their workforce but also advocating for women in prominent causes for inclusion and diversity."
Clara Reis
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