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Kalika Yap

Kalika Yap

CEO/Founder, Citrus Studios, Inc.

A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Kalika started out working as a journalist for CNBC and Bloomberg after graduating from NYU. She loved the bustle of New York City, but traded it in for the West Coast. The move wasn’t an easy one — finding a journalism job in Los Angeles proved more difficult than in media capital New York. In love with California, she decided to make lemons out of lemonade.

Curious about the then-nascent world wide web, Kalika started learning all she could about HTML and programming. She parlayed her skills into a job creating web curriculum and web design for Los Angeles Culture Net, a collaborative project for the Getty Information Institute and California Culture Net. That led to a job as a web developer of the J. Paul Getty Trust, where she developed relationships with other non-profit organizations.

She started envisioning how she could use her expertise to help other businesses and institutions. In 2010, Kalika launched Citrus Studios, a cheerful nod to her unexpected turn in life.

Kalika Yap is CEO & Founder of Citrus Studios, Inc. Citrus Studios is an award-winning interactive design studio based in Santa Monica, CA. They have worked with world-class clients to create innovative, eye-catching websites that are intuitively designed. They have helped startups become must-have brands and assist established companies tell their brands’ story in a more compelling way that drew in customers.

"Some of the keys to my success is focusing on mindset, learning, & energy. Having clarity around goals, having a thirst for learning, understanding the framework of business, and having empathy are all important qualities a leader should exhibit."


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