Q&A with Angela Gordon | NAWBO
Briefly describe your company.
Blue Ice Pictures is a woman-owned and certified full-service video production company that creates original, cutting-edge content for narrative, commercial and municipal consumption across multiple platforms.
Why did you decide to join NAWBO-LA?
I decided to join NAWBO because I knew it was an organization of sharp and savvy professional women business owners that I needed to become a part of, not only because of the level of success that they had achieved collectively and individually, but because they represented who I am and who I aspire to be. Additionally, at this point in my life and business I believe I am prepared and ready to utilize the resources, networking, and sisterhood that this level of organization offers, but also that I am able to bring something to the table in terms of opportunity, my voice and my experience to empower and support other women business owners in our group.
What would you like others to know about you or your business? For all practical purposes, my production company Blue Ice Pictures falls into the “boutique “ category in terms of size, but our reach and vision are truly global and span far beyond our physical LA office. This year has been one of growth and transformation and my main focus is to do just that- to continue the upward trajectory for my business by bringing on new employees, making sure I have a solid infrastructure in my back office and day-to-day operations and ensuring that I maintain consistent positive revenue flow as I grow.   Right now it’s also a priority for me to focus on establishing a few key relationships, particularly within our fabulous NAWBO-LA chapter, to cultivate short-term and long-term collaboration for commercial and business projects here in Los Angeles and spend more time utilizing my resources and certifications to win some of the awesome contracts with the city, state, county municipalities as well as the utilities agencies here in So-Cal.   On the narrative side of the business, I have fostered great relationships with partners overseas in Europe and primarily in Africa to create original content between the continent and the diaspora to create content that is not only exciting and thought provoking, but also stories that hire and empower strong female leading characters.   I’m really excited about the momentum that has been happening this year and truly believes that everything is really falling into place as it is supposed to be, across all areas of my life. Staying focused , putting in the hard work, weathering the storms, having faith, and being coachable and flexible have been the things that have gotten me to this point. Surrounding myself with the right people and the right team always makes the journey sweeter.