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Reema Dutt

Co-Founder, LuminouStudios

Reema Dutt Reis is the Co-Founder, Head of Business Development and a Producer at LuminouStudios. She has worked as a content creator for several years for features, shorts, commercials and documentaries. She also works as a marketing/brand consultant for start-ups in retail, entertainment and tech. As a producer, Reema has robust experience in every stage of production, from inception and creative development to fundraising, distribution, and marketing.

LuminouStudios was co-founded by Reema because she and her partner saw a gap in short-form content creation. Video has proliferated the market for some time now, but it never felt like an approachable marketing tool for younger companies to leverage because of budget constraints and resource limitations. As a global and female-run production company, they offer a unique perspective to the startup world, which shines visibly through their work. Their clientele includes names such as Google and Polaroid, as well as a diverse range of startups like Splacer and PHIND, with a unanimous focus on growth products.
"As a female-run organization, when we heard about NAWBO, we were excited about the camaraderie of a community that has shared experiences. We're at a point in the business where we're looking to learn more from our peers, as we grow, and NAWBO seems like a great way to do that. My co-founder, Sania Jhankar and I are passionate about telling stories and when we can, we love working with brands, companies or ideas that are trying to make a deeper impact in the world. Overall, we love what we do and believe in the power of visual storytelling to spread ideas!"
Reema Dutt
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