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2018-2019 NAWBO Editorial Calendar

For questions or submissions, e-mail publications@nawbo.org

January 2018

THEME: Movers & Shakers

Possible Topics: Shipping, transportation, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, January 3

Publication date: Wednesday, January 10


February 2018

THEME: On the Money

Possible Topics: Financial trends, cash flow, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 7

Publication date: Wednesday, February 14


March 2018

THEME: Legally Speaking

Possible Topics: Legal, HR, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 7

Publication date: Wednesday, March 14


April 2018

THEME: Taking Flight

Possible Topics: International business & travel, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 4

Publication date: Wednesday, April 11


May 2018

THEME: Next Level

Possible Topics: Business & succession planning, next-level growth, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 2

Publication date: Wednesday, May 9


June 2018

THEME: Expanding Your Access

Possible Topics: Loans, capital, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 6

Publication date: Wednesday, June 13


July 2018

THEME: Power Your Voice

Possible Topics: HR5050 anniversary, advocacy, government, etc.

Submission deadline: Thursday, July 5

Publication date: Wednesday, July 18


August 2018

THEME: Time to Shine

Possible Topics: PR, branding, marketing, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 1

Publication date: Wednesday, August 15


September 2018

THEME: Certification Matters

Possible Topics: Certification resources, tips, member successes, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 5

Publication date: Wednesday, September 19


October 2018

THEME: Continuing the Conversation

Possible Topics: WBC2018 coverage, takeaways, stories on breakout topics, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 3

Publication date: Wednesday, October 17


November 2018

THEME: Safety Check

Possible Topics: Cyber security, technology, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 7

Publication date: Wednesday, November 21


December 2018

THEME: Year in Review

Possible Topics: Recaps NAWBO and its member’s greatest moments throughout the year and gives tips/predictions for 2019

Submission deadline: Wednesday, December 5

Publication date: Wednesday, December 19



January 2019

THEME: Preparedness

Possible Topics: New tax format, cyber security, succession and retirement planning, payroll and HR

Submission deadline: Wednesday, January 2 

Publication date: Wednesday, January 16 


February 2019

THEME: Diversity

Possible Topics: Political, ethnic, age, etc. diversity, Black History Month, diversifying business through government contracting

Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 6 

Publication date: Wednesday, February 20 


March 2019

THEME: Doing Good

Possible Topics: Global Month of Service, giving back as part of NAWBO and as women business owners, Women’s History Month

Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 6 

Publication date: Wednesday, March 20


April 2019

THEME: Equity/Parity

Possible Topics: Equal pay, more women in boardrooms and in public service

Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 3 

Publication date: Wednesday, April 17


May 2019

THEME: Relationships

Possible Topics: Networking, referrals, customer service, employee relations, retention

Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 1 

Publication date: Wednesday, May 15 


June 2019

THEME: Next Generation

Possible Topics: Next generation customers and employees; attracting, communicating with, managing, etc.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 5 

Publication date: Wednesday, June 19