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2020 NAWBO Editorial Calendar


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January 2020

THEME: High-Tech, High-Touch

Target: High-tech companies
Possible Topics: Innovation in technology, balancing your business technologies with personal touch, spotlight a member with a technology business or who just did a major technology implementation, etc.
Submission deadline: Thursday, January 2 (in consideration of New Year’s Day)
Publication date: Wednesday, January 15

February 2020

THEME: Healthy You

Target: Healthcare professionals
Possible Topics: Women’s heart health, personal/mental health, healthy businesses, business relationships and internal cultures, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 5 
Publication date: Wednesday, February 19

March 2020

THEME: Know Your Numbers


Possible Topics: The role stats and data play in business, understanding financials, negotiating numbers,tax tips, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 4
Publication date: Wednesday, March 18

April 2020

THEME: Two Sides
Possible Topics: An issue dedicated to mentors/mentees, highlighting both sides of the relationship and what they get out of it, spotlight a successful business owner and her top takeaways from mentors along her journey, top challenges for new business owners, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 1
Publication date: Wednesday, April 15

May 2020

THEME: Legal Speak
Possible Topics: Roundtable with NAWBO members with law firms on top legal issues women business owners are concerned with/facing and what they can do about it, highlight a trademark or licensing attorney and her give tips, employee terminations done right, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 6
Publication date: Wednesday, May 20 

June 2020

THEME: In the “Flow”
Possible Topics: Projecting cash flow, how to better manage it year-round, tips for keeping more of your hard-earned cash, access to capital/loans before you’re strapped and really need them, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 3
Publication date: Wednesday, June 17

July 2020

THEME: Happy Anniversary NAWBO!
Possible Topics: 45 years of milestone achievements and stories from the front lines, looking ahead to the next 45, 2020 Advocacy Day coverage

Submission deadline: Wednesday, July 1
Publication date: Wednesday, July 15

August 2020

THEME: Our Voice, Our Time
Possible Topics: Voter registration, 100th anniversary of 19th amendment, election issues for women and small business owners

Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 5
Publication date: Wednesday, August 19

September 2020

THEME: What’s Next?
Possible Topics: Business succession and retirement planning, finding your next qualified employees, next-level business growth

Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 2
Publication date: Wednesday, September 16

October 2020

THEME: Brave Is…
Possible Topics: National Membership Meeting and National Women’s Business Conference recap, attendee testimonials, takeaways and stories of bravery, anniversary celebration, Woman Business Owner of the Year award

Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 7
Publication date: Wednesday, October 21

November 2020

THEME: Recession Proof
Possible Topics: Ways to recession proof a business (before a recession) by focusing on sales process and finances, over delivering value, customer service

Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 4
Publication date: Wednesday, November 18

December 2020

THEME: Driven By Purpose
Possible Topics: Sustainability, giving back to make positive changes in communities/ world, balancing nature and technology, impacting women around globe

Submission deadline: Wednesday, December 2
Publication date: Wednesday, December 16

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