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  • From Accidental Entrepreneur to NAWBO President (

    Involved in organizations that aid women and women of color, NAWBO President Cynthia McClain-Hill considers her professional talents a way to contribute to the civic well-being of her world. Attorney Cynthia McClain-Hill describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur. "I was happily working in a very high-powered career as an investment banker in my mid- to late 30s when my entire department was laid off," recalls the fifty-something executive. It was a sobering development for an attorney with a career in public finance. 

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  • What Will Obama's SBA be Like? (BusinessWeek)

    Any entrepreneur who's been through a business turnaround might have some empathy for the folks at the Small Business Administration. During the past eight years, the SBA has been, generally speaking, underfunded, underutilized, and underloved. But it wouldn't be all that complicated to transform the agency into a powerful advocate for small businesses. Here's what needs to happen.

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  • Women Business Owners Seek Better Access to Federal Contracts (New York Times)

    The push for more contracts for female-owned businesses comes as increasing numbers of women are running their own companies and looking for ways to expand. Many women, including Ms. Bierman, argue that a lack of defined guidelines for contracts for female-owned businesses — along with complacency, inertia or just the inconvenience of switching suppliers — have reduced the opportunities for women. 

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  • Cynthia McClain-Hill Heads Business Woman's Initiative (Black Enterprise)

    THE CENTER FOR WOMEN'S BUSINESS RESEARCH REPORTS that of all minority-owned businesses, 42% are owned by women. Women of color employ L6 million people and generate nearly $230 billion in annual sales. Cynthia McClain-Hill, president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, spoke about the importance of global expansion for these businesses.

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  • The Business of Politics (The Wall Street Journal)

    Small-business owners can also be a big asset for political campaigns because of their connections and stature in a community. Cynthia McClain-Hill, president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, supports Sen. Obama and in late May hosted a breakfast fund-raising event for him at her downtown Los Angeles law firm. About 130 clients, colleagues and acquaintances attended the event, which included a speech by Sen. Obama's wife, Michelle. Ms. McClain-Hill raised about $70,000 for the Obama campaign. 

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