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  • Fascinate Certified Advisor | Mary Albright Consulting

    President | Starbird Association






    Tell us why you joined NAWBO?

    I’d been in some groups and hadn’t really found the “right” one. I’m not one to sign up for membership in everything that came along. If I’m in, I’m in with both feet. I wanted something where there’s something in it for me, but also something for me to be involved with in the organization. There needs to be a win-win. With NAWBO, there seemed to be women from all walks of life and business...

  • Owner & President, CorTalent
    NAWBO Board Member - Chapter President

    Tell us about your business journey. Is there a surprising tidbit we can share about you or your history?

    I spent the first 18 years of my career in a large company climbing the “corporate ladder”.  I took a big risk (gave up my safe base salary and stock options) to join a small entrepreneurial firm ...
  • Heide Olson

    CEO and Founder, All in One Accounting, Inc.



    All in One Accounting takes clients from financial chaos to business clarity and beyond.  We do this by providing customized, documented and adaptable accounting solutions.  Our team is made up of bookkeepers, controller and CFO's that provide accounting leadership, innovation and efficiencies to our small business clients.

  • Owner, Netrix IT

    NAWBO Executive Board Member


    Netrix IT is an outsourced Managed Service Provider (MSP) of IT services.  We partner with our clients to maximize their IT investments.  Technology is an integral part of all our lives and the mission of Netrix IT is to make that as simple as possible for businesses.

  • Anne Hed
    CEO, Hed Cycling Products

    Tell us about your business journey:

    My late husband and I started our business with the earnings of my first place in a Triathlon in 1984. The prize was a Subaru hatchback wagon. We did not start with any formal business plan but we had a passion to work together to build fast bicycle wheels.

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