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About %1

  • “NAWBO is a great organization for women entrepreneurs that provides an outlet for women business owners across the country to share their creativity an inspire and support each other in their pursuits.”

    Katrina Markoff

    Founder, CEO and Chocolatier of Vosges Haut Chocolat and Wild Ophelia

  • "I am fortunate to be a woman in America who was given the opportunity to achieve her dream. I want women everywhere to have that same opportunity and am pleased to work with the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development to increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs."

    Sara Blakely

    Spanx founder and head of The Sara Blakely Foundation

  • "...We worked hard to position the emergence of women business owners as a growing segment of the women's movement and to develop the organizational base and structural guidelines for a national association. "

    Susan Hager

    Founding NAWBO National President


Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame Event

he Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame honors Minnesota’s most successful female entrepreneurs and advocates who have made significant and enduring contributions to impact women’s entrepreneurial development in Minnesota.

Regardless of whether the inductee is living or deceased, their accomplishments and/or contributions are of such special significance that they will be thought of as outstanding when reflected upon from the perspective of future generations.

Inductees must have:

- Made enduring contributions to Minnesota’s entrepreneurial community
- Made an impact on women’s entrepreneurial development in Minnesota
- A meaningful connection to Minnesota (such as place of birth, education, and/or business location) and
- Demonstrated leadership qualities or a spirit of entrepreneurial innovation that can serve as an inspiration to future
generations of Minnesota entrepreneurs


Achieve! Awards

Our Annual Achieve! Awards are our opportunity to showcase and celebrate those successful women who have made great strides and seen significant success in their businesses. This event is also a wonderful opportunity to get motivated, make meaningful connections and to showcase your own business.

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