2019 Achieve! Awards Winner Announcement | NAWBO
To the MN NAWBO Membership, 
I am so very pleased and honored to announce the winners of this year's Achieve! awards celebrationAs most of you are aware, we have moved this very special event up to June to coincide with our annual meeting which is the perfect time to celebrate our outstanding members for the exceptional work they have done in the previous fiscal year. 
New this year, we had 3 former Women Business Owners of the Year as judges:
* Jennifer Smith, CEO of Innovative Office Solutions
* Lili Hall, CEO of Knock, Inc.
* Kasey Hatzung, Co-President, Fusion Hill
We want to thank these amazing women for their continued leadership and support of NAWBO MN. We will be celebrating them with all of you at this wonderful event! Tickets are now on sale so get yours today. 
I look forward to seeing you there!
Very truly yours,
Mary Nutting
President, NAWBO Minnesota
Achieve! Awards Gala & Annual Meeting
Thursday, June 20, 2019 | 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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2019 Achieve! Award Winners:
Woman Business Owner of the Year
Wendi Breuer
Our most prominent award - this honor recognizes the innovation and perseverance of a woman business owner who has experienced noticeable success operating a business that has grown exponentially over the past year.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Kim Bartmann
This award recognizes a NAWBO member who owns a million-dollar business. She has propelled her industry forward, created opportunities for other women, and experienced significant business growth for 20 years or more.
Established Woman Business Owner
This award goes to a business owner, founder, or acquirer who has been able to achieve sustained business growth for 10 years or more by shifting her business gradually to take advantage of available opportunities.
Emerging Woman Business Owner
Jaime Taets
This award recognizes a member who owns an emerging post-startup business with significant potential for long-term success and growth with at least a three-year track record.
Founder of the Year
Robyn Frank
This recognizes a member who has shown ingenuity, determination and grit by starting her business from scratch as a majority owner and successfully sustaining, growing and expanding her business for 5 years or more.
Disrupter of the Year
Julie Kimble
This award recognizes a member who typically operates in a male-dominated industry and challenges the status-quo by breaking down gender barriers and broadening opportunities for future women owners.
Member of the Year
Whitney Emanuel
This award recognizes a member who demonstrates passion for the NAWBO mission, strong chapter engagement, and has consistently served the chapter in a leadership and/or lead volunteer role for three years or more.
Advocate Award 
Mercedes Jaime
This award recognizes a woman business owner or a corporate partner who demonstrates exemplary vision in providing opportunities for women business owners, supporting them, advocating for them, or helping guide them toward success.
Generational Award 
Milissa Silva-Diaz
This award honors the significant accomplishments of a second generation (or more) member operating the family business. Her leadership has continued to enhance and make a powerful impact on her organization's success and growth.
Innovation Award
Y. Elaine Rasmussen
This award recognizes a member with an innovative product or service which has taken an existing idea to new heights or introduced something revolutionary to the marketplace that shows potential for long-term success.
Partner of the Year
This award recognizes an outstanding community member and/or agency that has worked closely and consistently with NAWBO-MN to promote the advancement and success of women business owners through means such as sponsorship, advocacy, and/or community engagement. 
Achieve! Awards Gala & Annual Meeting
Thursday, June 20, 2019 | 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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