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How to Network and Lead Like a Boss

How to Network and Lead Like a Boss
Now that seasons are turning to the faster paced year-end, most of us set sights towards ramping up business growth. In doing so, it's often helpful to embrace the qualities of others who have walked a similar path and seen great achievement. Studies show that
two defining characteristics of successful, role-model-worthy female entrepreneurs are abilities to:
  1. Effectively network with prospective clients, advocates and influencers, as well as to:
  2. Lead the organization and people to the peak of purpose-driven performance.
As NAWBO MN members and supporters, we have huge, high-impact opportunities to grow in networking and leadership just ahead. These will affect your business in very positive ways!
Our big networking window is the NAWBO national conference (also known as the Women's Business Conference (WBC)), coming to Minneapolis from October 15 - 17.  
  • Expectations are for 800 to 1,000 successful women business owners from across the nation (and even across the globe) to come.  Thanks to the strong advocacy of Marnie Ochs-Raleigh and Buffie Blesi, we are host chapter of this remarkable gathering. 
In addition to this abundant goodness, we also have a great lunch event on leadership on September, 28th at Boulay in Eden Prairie.
  • Our featured speaker is Diane Nettifee, leadership expert and professor at St. Kate's. Diane is focused on a helping leaders integrate values and purpose with enterprise mission. (Who couldn't be better at that? ) Click on link for more information and/or to register: 
Networking and leadership. When we grow together, we become our best-boss-selves. as we seek to become the best possible leaders and servants of our family, our companies, our people and ourselves. 
Join us on this fantastic journey of growth. Together, we dare!
Very truly yours, 
Mary Quist-Newins
NAWBO MN Board President
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