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Journey of Love

June 2018 -NAWBO MN President's Message
Journey of Love 
Since becoming NAWBO MN President in July of 2016, I have been on a journey of love. Along with my term ending next month, comes reflection on what's special about NAWBO.
When I first joined our chapter after returning from the East Coast in 2014, I expected to meet talented, smart and high-achieving women as is the case for most leading professional women's associations. What I found at NAWBO was much more. We are uniquely bound together by some of what we love and some of who we are - as women, organization founders, business owners, employers, community leaders, and often as mothers.
Here are a just few things I love about us:
  • NAWBO members, partners, advocates and sponsors love to help drive female entrepreneurialism and wealth creating capacity. These are core elements of our mission that both drive and unite us. (Part of why this is important to me personally is that studies show female economic advancement has a direct correlation and multiplier effect in driving family, employee and community well-being.)
  • At NAWBO, we love to make things better. Every Board President, Officer, Director, Committee Chair, Committee member, volunteer and staff has worked in her (and sometimes his) own way to make things better for those that follow. We recognize countless, passionate, smart and daring women (and some men) who built NAWBO MN over the past forty-one years since its founding in 1977. Thankfully, our current situation is strong through the contributions of time, talent and treasure by so many people during my term. While the list is beyond extensive, I wanted to give the board and our executive director a special shout out so you know their names and who's who:
Board President-Elect
Board Directors
Mary Nutting
Mary Albright
Board Treasurer
Wendi Breuer
Patty Krieger
Julie Kimble
Immediate Past-Board President
Marcy McHenry
Marnie Ochs-Raleigh
Chris Naylor
Board President Emeritus
Stephanie Sundry
Heather Manley
Denise Williams
Current Board President
Mary Younggren
Mary Quist-Newins
Chapter Executive Director & Staff
Buffie Blesi & Kassia Kubicki
It's also important to acknowledge the many, many talented leaders who step up to serve on our Awareness, Programming, Public Policy, Membership and Sponsorship committees and on special projects. We stand on each other's shoulders.
More recognition and celebrations to follow at the NAWBO MN Annual Member Meeting on Thursday, June 21st. For more information and to register, click here:
  • NAWBO members love each other and seek to grow together. I think some of the "NAWBO Vibe" is that as women business owners, much (not all and not always) of our economic achievement is self-reliant. We also share commonalities vision-making, risk-taking and norm-breaking(!). These lead to a depth of mutual-understanding and community not found in most other organizations. Very cool, indeed.
  • Our members love to envision (because that's what entrepreneurs do.) The talented members who serve in leadership will dream, envision and help shape our future. There is much good work on the drawing boards and I couldn't be more excited about where we're headed!
Our future is bright:
When we consider our common passions, depth of talent pool, energetic leadership and Mary Nutting stepping into the Presidency, the outlook is fantastic. I can say this about Mary Nutting: it has been a true privilege and a joy working with her these past twenty-three months and she will be an outstanding President. She will also need our help to grow the organization to full and high potential. ;-)
So...Go Mary! Go Us! Onward and Upward!
Yours in service,
Mary Quist-Newins
President, Board of Directors, NAWBO Minnesota
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