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Leadership That Transforms

February 2018 -NAWBO MN President's Message

Leadership that Transforms
At its most successful, leadership is about 
transformation. Transformational leadership 
disrupts the status quo and creates positive change in individuals and organizations. Transformational leaders inspire and motivate teams through shared purpose. They bring out the best in others through inclusive problem-solving, innovation and ultimately, developing followers into leaders.
There are three important NAWBO MN announcements as we grow together as leaders that transform:
New and Current Board Leaders
Five wonderful leaders are joining NAWBO MN Board.  Together with the incredible talent, commitment and passion of our existing Board and Executive Director, we look to transform the business landscape and our chapter in exciting new ways. Here is a complete list of our Board of Directors for your reference:
New Board Members
Existing Board Members & Executive Director
Collect Belisle
Mary Albright
Mary Nutting, President-Elect
Julie Kimble
Wendi Breuer
Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, Past President
Stephani Sundry
Patty Krieger, Treasurer
Mary Quist-Newins, President
Mary Younggren
Marcy McHenry
Dr. Denise Williams
Julie Nelson (Ex-Officio)
Chris Naylor
Buffie Blesi - Executive Director
New Program -- How I Got a Great Team
One of the most common challenges business owners face is "getting the right people on the bus." Nothing can zap our energy or derail our team faster than recruiting, hiring and training the wrong people.  Even the most effective leaders struggle with this!  Join us on February 22nd and learn best practices from experts in the"How I Got a Great Team" lunch event.
New Parternship - St. Kate's Leadership Workshop Series 
Based on proven best practices and delivered by St. Kates MAOL professors, this is a four-part series of workshops throughout 2018. The text, workbook, exercises and discussion feature content from one of the best-selling leadership books of all time: The Leadership Challenge, by Kouzes and Posner. NAWBO MN members, along with their verified employees and early registrants enjoy special pricing and discounts. 
Don't miss out -- EARLY BIRD PRICING through February!  
Join us as we advance and transform the wealth creating capacity of women business owners in Minnesota!
Yours in service,
Mary Quist-Newins
President, NAWBO MN
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