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Connect Over Lunch

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 11:30am1:00pm
Granite City in Roseville
851 Rosedale Shopping Center
Roseville, MN 55113
United States
Registration Deadline: 
October 22, 2019 - 11:30pm

Connect Over Lunch is your opportunity to enjoy lunch and conversation with 3-5 other NAWBO members at a delightful Twin Cities’ restaurant. You must eat anyway, so why not build your network and community, even make some new friends at the same time?

You’ll have time to share your expertise and resources, get support with your challenges, and get to know other business owners who relate to your experience. 

Here’s the best part: We’ll do all the organizing, all you need to do is register and then show up and pay for your lunch.

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Note: You must register at least one week in advance.



How do I know who my lunch dates will be?
 We are using a random system to create the lunch groups after registration for the event has closed. About a day or two prior to the lunch date you will receive an email with the names of your lunch dates and the name your reservation is under.

When do I need to register by?
 Registration is required one week in advance of the event. We need to match up everyone with their lunch dates, make reservations at the restaurant, and send out emails with the names of the women (or enlightened men) who will be joining you. The registration deadline gives our volunteer organizers time to handle the details for you.

What does my RSVP/Registration mean?
 It means you are coming to the lunch. It does not mean that you are thinking about attending or considering attending. You are committing to be there. The system will only work well if those who have confirmed by registration deadline one week in advance attend – because there will be 3-5 women expecting to have lunch with you. And if you choose not to show up, not only do they all miss out on meeting you, they also miss out on meeting someone else instead.

Can I cancel my registration?
 Yes, please do so at the latest by one week in advance of the lunch. In the event of an emergency day of the event, please text the event organizer for the event you registered for, you will see those details in your confirmation email you receive with your lunch dates.
 This event is organized by volunteers and cancellations after the deadline are a big hassle - so please only register for the lunches that you have every intention of being at. Note that if you do cancel after the registration deadline you may be disallowed from participating in these events in the future. This event works when those who register show up.

Is there a penalty for no showing?
 A no show means you did not cancel your registration in advance of the one-week deadline, nor did you even notify either organizer that you can’t make it in advance of the lunch. If you choose to do this, expect that you will be disallowed from participating again.

What if I can attend, but I’ll be late?
 Please register only if you can plan to arrive on time at 11:30am. This will give you and your lunch mates 90 minutes to get to know one another. In the event of an emergency day of the event, please text the event organizer for the event you registered for, your confirmation email with your tablemates will come directly from them.

What do I need to pay for?
 For members, the only payment that is required is whatever you order for lunch as you would at any restaurant. The restaurant will provide separate checks, so this is easy to navigate. For non-members, you’ll pay the registration fee as well as pay for your lunch at the restaurant.

Can I bring a guest?
 Yes, you can bring a guest. If they are not currently a NAWBO member, there is a fee for this event.

Is there nearby parking?
 All of the locations we’ve chosen have free parking.

Is there accommodation for those on restricted diets?
 Yes, all the restaurants have a variety of items that can accommodate if you are gluten-free, vegetarian, or have another consideration. Please let your server know what your needs are so they can help you select (or create) something appropriate.

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