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Meet Anne Hed, CEO, Hed Cycling Products

Tell us about your business journey:

My late husband and I started our business with the earnings of my first place in a Triathlon in 1984. The prize was a Subaru hatchback wagon. We did not start with any formal business plan but we had a passion to work together to build fast bicycle wheels. We were fortunate to have him as the visionary and me as the integrator. This alignment gave us the ability to build a wonderful company and partnership.

Do you have a “story from the trenches” to share that could help another woman business owner on her journey?

Hed Cycling is known for elevating the cycling experience through innovation and design. To stay innovative you have to fail and make mistakes. Mistakes are made daily by my employees and myself. We have a saying …”If we fail or brake something let’s keep moving forward and learn from our mistakes….keep failing forward.”

Family? Hobbies? Any work-life balance tips?

One of my gifts has been my ability to separate myself from my work when needed. . I can let go of the challenges at work so that I can be with my family and friends. I have realized that everyday there will be either an employee issue or a vendor issue so worrying about this is going to cause more gray hairs. Even though I am not racing anymore I realize that getting out of the office and riding my bike still brings me happiness.

Anne Hed was recently featured in the business section of the Star Tribune.  Click here to read her interview… Anne Hed Star Tribune Interview 7-16

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